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25 Aug 2010

You float my boat

Not you, silly.
But you never know - you might actually float my boat. It takes all sorts ;)

Just a quick blog post to share this wee number I churned out this afternoon, mid mega craft session.
The diecut boat came in a bag of dies from last months Crafts Beautiful. I can take or leave cute shapes like the little boat but the entire bag is absolutely adorable and Im going to use as many as I can for emergency cards over the next few days.

I took delivery of a lovely gift today - A tassimo machine. Would love to know if you use one and what pods you like the best. I know the pods ain't cheap but if you know where is best to get a good deal - I'd love to know :)

Toodle ooooooo - ultimate BB is calling!


Fiona said...

Your card is really cute and fun, love the vibrant colours.
Can't help with the Tassimo I'm afraid, I'm a tea freak.

Yvonne said...

Love this card... haven't thought of using boats, but would be a good one for boys.

Sue said...

Fabby card.

Can't help with the Tassimo either. I do like coffee, but from a jar is fine for me:)

Have just found a tea drink that is fab - Chai Latte. It;s like a milky tea (you make it with water, but can use milk) and it has spices in it.

Fiona said...

I have the Tassimo - bought it when it first came out a few years ago. To be honest I have now put it at the back of my cupboard!!! The hot choc is nice and the black coffee but wasn't that impressed with the rest. Look forward to hearing what you think - maybe things have improved?!!
Great card by the way.

Kate said...

Don't think I've even looked through those die-cuts yet, thanks for the inspiration. I have resisted the last BB but ultimate BB already has me watching, lol.

** Kate **

Tracie H said...

We had a Tassimo but car booted it a couple of weeks ago - I didnt really like any of the pods - although the boys liked the hot choc. We bought an expresso machine and use it every day - now I can have starbucks coffee at home - yummy.

Jayne C said...
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Jayne C said...

The Milka hot chocolate is AMAZING....however it is the most expensive :( You can make a cheaper, and almost as good version, by buying the Suchard hot choc and the creamer...yummy!! latte is not as good as the real thing...I still do my milk separately and just add a shot of espresso!!

Love the card by the way!!

Susan said...

We have a Tassimo and during the colder months it gets a lot of use. I don't drink coffee but love the Suchard hot chocolate and it's fairly low in calories but tastes richer than a lot of the instant low cal hot chocs.
Also handy for if you are having a few people round (ie Christmas), instead of you bobbing in and out of the kitchen set up the machine in your living room and stick a load of pods out for people to help themselves.
I usually stock up when the supermarkets have offers on.