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31 Aug 2010

A year in the making

Sometimes I have these great plans to do something gorgeous to the house and often leave it to one side whilst I concentrate bringing in some bread and butter. Like the curtains in the hallway - not done and in desperate need of doing. And then, this wall!

Last April I posted that I had plans to put photos on these canvasses that match our lounge wall. They were erected in December 2008! And for some bizarre, unexplained reason, yesterday, I magically found the time to finish it off. In fact I finished it at 11pm last night.

Each photo was selected by the three of us to go up with special memories for each one. Each photo is mounted on foam board and three key pictures have been double mounted on foam board. From the side its very angular and jutty (is that even a word???!!!!) Ive discarded the FAMILY sign and instead Im going to use a word and definition along the top of the canvasses.

I wonder how long that will take me to do? Answers on a sheet of Kraft Bazzill to my home address........

And finally - Pear meets Plum? I can't wait to share it tomorrow - for deffo. Today was "Momma is on Puke Patrol" with sicky wick Belle pants.

Hugs x


Bettyann said...

like it's not like you are sitting around eating bon-bons...hello you have a family a business and a dear daughter to care for and run round with appointments...chickie you are too hard on yourself !!!!! it will get down when it gets down..

Sue said...

Fabby idea. Looking forward to seeing it when you have the wording up.

Hope Belle is much better now.

Fiona said...

Great idea and I love the flowers on the wall, did you draw them?

Debbie said...

This looks gorgeous Kirsty!!
hope Belle is feeling better soon hun x

Leigh said...

this is gorgeous!!!!

Hullabaloo said...

Hey Kirsty love that wall! Tell me about the flowers on the wall are they vinyl stickers or did you paint them? I LOVED the word FAMILY that you had up so I can't wait to see your latest even better idea! Can always relate to your Family cos we are a wee family of 3 too. (They say it's the magic number you know - as long as you don't count fur family such as Eddy or my guinea pigs Patch and Scruffy!!)