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2 Aug 2010

Weds Night - live webcast!

Its that time again! This week will be flower tutorials 6-10 of 101 flowers.
You can see my last show here and tomorrow Ill give you a link to my new show for Weds 4th Aug at 8p GMT. Last time I know some of you enjoyed the fact you could chat live with me and people in the room "watching" at the same time. There will be a prize giveaway too so you have to be there to be in with a chance.
The tutorials are short and sweet but will give you inspo into racking up how to make home made flowers from all sorts of media. This week we have a wire one, a vellum one, a felt one, a tulle and fabric one and one made from layers of punches.
Im going now, am having a jammie day so I need to go and jump up and down on my bed with Ellie-kins.

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Sue said...

Hope all goes well with the tut.

Hope you enjoyed your trampolining:)