Ladies Camera Club

4 Aug 2010

Webshow rescheduled

The webshow has been rescheduled to tomorrow
(Thursday 5th) at 8pm.

In the mean time have you seen these little beauties in Etsy recently?
I have to have this - in a sage green, maybe not so furry but a definite must-have
and this is in grey

And this in the most sluttiest shade of red - you know me and my grading of the sluttiness of red

Wishes I could master the patience of crochet.......... **sigh**


Anonymous said...

there's great books for teaching yourself stuff like this-The Dummies Guide to....theres a crochet one! Im thinking of trying to teach myself in my lunch breaks (once Ive taught myself to take a full hour break....)
Love to the Curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Ayca HOSER said...

I'm very proud to being to part of this blog...

I realy want to thank you for adiing my necktie...

Wishing the best...
Greetings from Istanbul...