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24 Aug 2010

Sugar and spice - its all nice

Ive just rolled in from a few days away. Essex, no less. 200 miles each way listening to my audio book lightens the toll of such a long trip. And with fruit instead of sweeties and water instead of coffees too! I think my halo might slip and choke me some time, soon!

Ive been to stay with Marion of Sugar and Spice crafts. Have you visited her store? Its at a beautiful craft village in Billericay and boy, does she sell some lovely stash. I have given her website a makeover although it doesn't go live until every last brad/eyelet/button has been added to it. One of her staff, the lovely Nina bug, is so excited to see the changes which made me excited that she was excited. I love girly squeals and excitement. And last night, after the last piece of html was registered, I went out for a meal. I know! Its crazy. I rarely go out with my family let alone a girly night out. And strange things happen when you go for a girly night out with not just girls but scrapbookers too. Geeksville! Thank you Marion, for your A1 hospitality and your oh-so-tempting shop that practically crippled my bank!

And now I am home with a long list of things to do including scrapbooking plus rounding off some projects which I will photograph and share too.

PS: If you fancy a really special retreat next May with lovely teachers, go and take a look here. This is a new experience which encourages you to celebrate being you whilst enjoying luxury surroundings and a peaceful environment. Im bobbing along to take portrait photos and snaps of the whole weekend; it would be lovely to meet and chat with you there :)


Helena said...

Ah! So you were up this neck of the woods, eh? I haven't been to Craft Village.... must investigate.

Thanks for your visit and your message! I shall check out that book :)

Belinda said...

Following on from yesterday's post from Carrie. Have you got Sky? You'll be interested in 580 at 7.30 or 594 at 8.00.x

Sue said...

Sounds like you had a fab time.

Off to have a look at the retreat.

Sue said...

The May retreat is sold out:(

Fiona said...

Sounds like you had a fab weekend, will have to investigate Craft Village. Just been making a quick card using your uber cool CBOFT - will blog it later as just dashing off to work.

Sue Ramsay said...

Oh I wish !