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4 Aug 2010

My New CD - is finally here!

It's HERE! 8 weeks of being furtively busy, stressed out, knackered, scribbling, smoothing, colouring and did I say stressing?!!!! I do enjoy it, truly but two CD's back to back has shortened my life expectancy by a few months - that, I promise you!

This airs on Create and Craft on Monday 9th August at 9am. I want to say a huge thank you to the girls who help with making the cards for the show, whislt I am here. Without them, my images and papers would not have the wonderful exposure you have been accustomed to. I love each and every girl for being such sweethearts with their thoughtful designs and brilliant efforts. The thanks go out to Justine, Janey, Angie, Marie, Mum, Carol, Lynda, Rosie and Jo (hugs to Jo, sweet peachy hugs, darling :( )

I want to also give credits to Kay Whittaker who has helped me with some of the images on the CD - she is amazing!

So, for now, the CD is available to buy NOW at my website - I know some of you have been itching to get your mitts on it and erm, now you can!

**Don't forget my live webshow will be HERE at 8pm tomorrow night (Thursday 5th August)**

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Kerry said...

Oooooh looking good. I'm skinty skinty though so will have to wait a while :(

Sit back and relax for a while and enjoy the holidays now.