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17 Aug 2010

Looks familiar?

My jaw literally smacked the pavement when I saw Ellie again yesterday. Not my Ellie, but Jaime's Ellie.

This was Ellie three years ago

and now - at the tender age of 11 (although she looks 15!) she has growed up to be spectacularly beautiful. With a look of Jodie Foster with Pixie Lott hair, this girl is heading for great heights, especially as she flew through her 11 plus without so much as a scratch-on-the head.
I met up with Jaime and Ellie at New Brighton, on the Wirral. Ive never been before but I'm deffo going again. Perch Rock fort nestles on the tip of the beach and is nice enough to enjoy a whole day out. And whole day out we spent! I loved it, Ellie loved it and Jaime had to put up with Ellie and I screaming like kids!

So here are some of the 256 pictures I took - bear with me!

The glasto festival look is so cute....wellies and floral dresses!

I love the difference in this and the next picture

Poor Ellie was fighting off mosquito's here and creating mayhem with peels of laughter
I particularly love this picture even though her face has some white-out. Just in the patch where she sat was the most beautiful sunlight. I couldn't resist - so golden and pretty

And then to Pizza Hut for a total lard out. Ive never had a cheesy bite pizza before - slurp!

Stringy cheese is the best, no?
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Bettyann said...

they sure grow up fast...lovely pics of a charming love...

Sue said...

Fantastic photos. What a beautiful young lady.

Pizza looked yummy:)

Fiona said...

Super photo's Kirsty. Looks like you've found a future super model, can't believe she's just 11.

Anonymous said...

Kirsty - these are fabulous photos - love 'em all
Hope all's well
Heidi x

Andie said...

Amazing photos Kirst!!!

She looks 18 in some of them. My fave is the colourful one where it looks like she's in a jungle.

Rae said...

Ugh! I wanna book! but I STILL haven't finished losing my weight :(

Sarah xx said...

Wow! Amazing photos -what a pretty young lady! I love the colours so vibrant! xx

Hullabaloo said...

Oh my goodness she is a beautiful girl. She looks way older than 11. Lovely photos of a gorgeous girl. well done both of you!

Anonymous said...

Yes let them be children whilst they are children! Too many hyears to be grwon up when it happens! glad there were some of her looking her age and having childlike fun!

Nina said...

You take the most amazing photos - fact!

Sandie said...

Kirsty, I would LOVE to have you take pics of my kids. You take the most fantastic, natural looking photos. Wish I lived nearer.

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Fantastic pictures Kirsty!! She'll break some hearts in years to come :)
Loving the really colourful one in the ferns...the blue in her eye is so...eye catching!!

Anonymous said...

Thanking you Kirsty xx Ellie x love them x :)