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6 Aug 2010

Hybrids - sweeeeeeeeet

This is my first set of hybrids.
Like, my fiiiiiiiiiirst proper set of hybrids.
That's printables to those who think I'm on about some perennial from the garden ;)

This is Par Avion - a notelet set, which I think looks super duper printed on Kraft card stock but they can, of course, be printed on cream or white card.

In the 4mb download kit you get
4 Notelets - 3 with vignettes, 1 without
4 Tickets
2 Postmarked tabs
4 Circlets with cycles and Le Eiffel etched upon
You can buy them HERE as a printable download

With all things Parisienne in the craft world, here is my take to the flavour.

Close up of notelet 1

Close up of notelet 2

Close up of notelet 3


Circlets and post marked tabs

and this is what you can make up using the cuts out on the plain notelet, if you so wish :)

You can buy them HERE

And now for something extra spesh - need a new sewing machine? (I do, Ive broken my spool holder :). Click on my new sponsor link on the left to see a super swish sewing machine in the sale!


Kate said...

I'm intrigued, do you go to companies and say I need a new sewing machine and by the way do you know how many people read my blog? Or do they seek you out and make you offers you just can't refuse, lol?

By the way, I'm having the new mini kit, I love it!

** Kate **

Sue said...

I was wondering the same as Kate:)

Anonymous said...

You might want to do a google search for Cooper, as you may be interested in what people have experienced with that company. Just watching out for you.

Good luck with the new venture.

Paula Pascual said...

They are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have bought the new Kirsty Continental Hybrid Kit. If you want a lightweight, lush sewing machine just fro sewing light materials and crafting John Lewis have a Janome basic model for 50 quids. It has automatic straight, zig zag and some embroidery and buttonhole stitches.
It is a lot better than those mini sewing machines that always snarl up but it is small enough to carry about to crops and demos
Have fun on Monday at C& C
love from Tricia in Newcastle
PS Hope you got my email :)

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention the John Lewis sewing machine comes in a choice of fabaroo colours ! including fuschia, pistachio, green ,purple$product$

Tricia in Newcastle x

Anonymous said...

Love these (love everything Paris, really)!

Off to purchase (cyber money isn't real anyway, is it?)


Gina said...

Yes, Paris did it for me too. Love these Kirsty. Any chance of Venice in the future, need to do a mini book!