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11 Aug 2010

High Jinx plus giveaway

Blimey, that web show was something else, wasn't it? (if you caught it, that is). Although you can still watch it - becuase I recorded the whole comedy act right HERE

In hindsight I ought to have cut it off when I realised there was a cat-in-hells chance of using multiple cameras. Alas, as they say - the show must go on. Having died in front of a live audience I managed to nervously laugh my way through it and in the end, goodness prevailed! And next time, I know exactly what needs to be done to ensure a good production.

Anyhoo, here are the flowers that I made which are numbers 6-10 of 101 flowers.

Double layered flower using a heart punch

Grosgrain ribbon flower

Paper and Tulle

A grosgrain ribbon rose

A yo-yo flower made from fabric

I offered a giveaway of a Tonic heart punch so if you want to get your hands on it (remember, it makes more than lovey dovey hearts - they make petals and scallop edges and butterfly wings) then jot your name below.

Here is the full reveal of my layouts for Midnight Rooster. Shockingly poor lighting but still, thats 5 layouts and 4 cards for my collection.

Ok, off to watch Sandra Bullocks Blind Side on my own. Marko, Belle-Belle and the pooch have gone away for a few days and I have the large flat screen all to myself (and believe me - that is RARE!) . Ive treated myself to a pack of these babies to snuggle up with. I LOVE Burtons Coconut Mallows
Did I say I love them?

I shall be working on another CD called Pop up Paperie during the film which, I believe, will be quite a novelty since I have just finished a course in paper engineering (what a blow to the senses that was!). It will include some great templates, not just for cardmaking, but for those that like to faff with paper.

Finally the winner of the MR kit is: Furrypig - well done!


Bettyann said...

well I must say darling that you did fine with the show must go on..I would have starting crying or I think I would like those mallows...even thinking about food makes my waist increase lol...I loved blind side..

Sew-Ink said...

Your cards and layouts are lovely! Thanks for sharing and the chance to win a sweet punch!

Sue said...

Loving your LOs and cards.

Thanks for the chance to win the punch.

pollypurplehorse said...

I like the layouts and the cool flowers, I need to try experimenting more I think

But I'm really hungry now and that mallow is taunting me :D

Paul said...

Aww the show was fine hun, you didn't die for a minute. It was real life and great fun to watch. Could have watched another hour at least :) Love your "Call Me" card. It's a fantastic mix of the clean and graphic style with a hint of the arty farty. Totally divine!! Pxx

Sharon said...

Lovely LO's Kirsty. I loved that film the Blind Side - hubby and I saw it on a Sunday morning with preview tickets - made me cry..... thanks for chance to win the punch. XX

Colette said...

Love the cards and layout. I would love to win a gorgeous punch,
Thanks for sharing,

Colette x.

SDCrafts said...

You are a star in many ways and don't need multi-camera angles to prove it!

Would love the punch but, more than that, it's always good to read your posts - such a tonic when all alone at home...which I am most days. But I can recall those wonderful gifts of time and space when my young family was away (and the ex too!)

Now it's just me and my Dearest. Marvellous.

patriziawithaz said...

Kirsty it was fun and entertaining watching your show - you def didn't 'die' - I'm sure we all loved it and the flowers were lovely. Must try and make some NOW !! xx

Yvonne said...

This punch sounds so versatile. I love your layouts and cards.

Pleased to have discovered your blog.

Thank you.

Fiona said...

Just watched your webcast as I was at work on the night. Thought you were a consummate professional when your other camera didn't work, these things happen and you handled it like a pro. Loved seeing how to make all those fabby flowers.
Nice to see Ellie too.


angie's blogspot said...

you make me want the burtons mallows now! OOh paper faffing I love a bit of that, thanks for the show again, xxx

Stampersue said...

I love burtons mallows - they are very moorish - bet you can't just eat one!

Thanks for the chance to win the punch


Machin Stamps said...

Ooops sorry I was late to the show and then had to leave early so I need to catch up with it. What a trooper you are... OMG Burtons Mallows that's a blast from the past. Tescos here I come.

Did you say something about a draw? Yes pleaseeeee count me in.

Kirsteen said...

I love all the flower ideas - I really want to try some of these some time... thanks for sharing xx

Rosie said...

Kirsty I always read your blog but it was the first time I watched your live show - just loved it. I enjoy looking at your cards and scrapbook pages but most of all I enjoy your photographs. Keep up the good work.

Mahlin said...

Seriously, that´s one awesome reveal! The first layout is an absolute fave! and the cards. so CUTE.. You´re just .. so inspirational.

furrypig said...

Thanks you thank you thank you for the fabtastic prize from your brill blog! I have sent you an email. Hope you enjoy the Blindside I really liked it, so sweet in places and amazing that it's a true story! Thanks again xxx

Lisa Hemmings said...

Well done Kirsty! you are true professional! love the layouts and cards
Lisa xx

Dolly said...

Thanks for the giveaway and such wonderful inspiration, love the flowers and the show was fab you coped so well with the tech hitch. :)x

Linby said...

ooh I want coconut marshmellows now! thanks for the chance to win.

Sue Ramsay said...

Dont want to hear you say anything bad about the show again - you hear me - it was great, you were great and we all had a brilliant time watching it and chatting too - SO THERE !!!!!!!!! Seriously Kirsty, it was fun and informative and you really cant ask for more regardless of how many cameras there are/arent. Enjoy your 'freedom' (and mallows)

Tricia in Newcastle said...

please Miss can I buy the pop up paperie cd like NOW !!

thrilled thrilled you are doing paper engineering stuff..

I would love a chance at winning the punch too...:)

Enjoy your movie and marshmallows

love from Tricia in Newcastle upon Tyne

mabell said...

Lovely cards so cute for all different occasions to! Love your fun lo Are we elligable to win in the US?

Denise said...

I love punches! So fun to use, and so versatile! Thanks for a chance to win one!
Love your card and layout ideas. Those mallows look divine!

Anonymous said...

Loving your blog as always but STOP SHOWING FOOD! Not seen those biccies in ages - gonna have to hunt them out now!
Plesae enter me into your punch draw.

Jo E said...

Hi Kirsty. Catching up with your blog whilst commuting to town. Haven't had breakfast and those Mallows are makin' me hungry!! Love to win that punch. As always you're an inspiration. P.S. When are u going to take some more pics for us?!

Roz said...

hope I'm not to late for the draw, that heart shaped punch was adorable. brilliant watching you live as well, have not laughed so hard in ages.

Clare said...

The layouts and cards are as fab as always!!
Thanks for sharing

furrypig said...

Hi again Kirsty Not sure if my email ever reached you with my address etc in it. Just wanted to check as not heard back from you, hope you don't mind me asking, didn't want you to think I was rude, not saying thank you, if you had sent the goodies and they are lost in the post somewhere! Thanks xxx

D@nielle said...

I don't comment often but I love seeing all you're lO's, just lovely !