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26 Aug 2010

Gym hurts

No pain, no gain - right?

My age is telling me that Im not the fun gym bunny I used to be in my RAF days. But I must soldier on as I have a frock to rock on my 40th birthday. This week Ive got 2 spin classes, 1 step class, one aeromix and one boxercise class before the bank holiday greets us with, hopefully, a sunnier climate. I feel so good even though it hurts to carry out the beastings! But I will tell you that this afternoon, I had a white bread toastie which knocked me for six. This white bread lark may be the answer to all the tiredness Ive felt before going to the gym. Im cutting it right out even though it pains me.

Im looking forward to teaching my 8th one to one digi DSLR tutorial, tomorrow, with a lovely lady called Betty Davies! Heeee, seriously - whatever happened to Baby Jane?!! Ive got 5 more booked from the past two weeks (I have advertised it locally) and space for more in September, if you need to get yourself out of automatic mode and shooting in semi automatic - look here.

Tonight Im going to finish off a serious amount of Christmas cards for various commissions (which seem only natural in August, these days). Have you got any favourite paper lines this year? Ive not seen anything that Im desperate for so I might just make more of my own. If I do, Ill have them for sale as mini kits in my shop soon :)

To round off, here are three cards I finished off tonight and one of them using a sandcastle die cut from crafts beautiful.

Off to settle down for Ultimate BB. I can't believe Josie walk today, so now its down to Chantelle to win. Her puppy dog eyes are still pining for Preston - it breaks my heart to see them like this.

**Edited to add: Creative Art and Soul retreats? They seem to sell out really fast so in light of this excitement (and to fulfill extra spaces) there are two extra dates available in May and October. Come see here**


Ruthie said...

Great news on the 1:1s Kirsty. Your new clients are in for a real treat.

Bettyann said...

Boy oh boy will you ever rock the frock on your the sandcastle card...very different from I see everywhere..tata

Sue said...

Fab cards.

Bread makes me very tired, as do potatos.

Take it easy with all that gym work.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord,Northern Chick-calm down,bonny lass! I just lost a friend in her mid 20's ....cant be losing you too....who's ideas are we gonna steal and make our own if you go?????
Love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the exercise. I have also been on that bath and I agree 100 %. It is very hard the older you get - so good for you. In the States Zumba classes have been the rage. They are a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

oops - meant to say path, not BATH - LOL Robyn