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19 Aug 2010

A farce - part 3756352923509845906831

I wish I had my own professional tv studio and lighting and best boy and key grip and runner and catering gaffer (and all other types of people you see at the end of film credits). But I don't. No. So I soldier on and make my crazy webshows in hope that I don't end up swearing or burn the house down whilst I try to impart wisdom into the bargain. I really can't stop laughing at how funny it is when I make mistakes or when I get overly excited.

I can't believe, firstly, how flushed I was (STILL!!!!) two hours after I'd got home from the gym tonight. Ive been going to the gym solid for 3 weeks now but have upped my game by doing classes every night since Monday. Spin, Step and workouts have given me a new zest and energy but it leaves me with a such a glowing face that you could melt stone with. I ain't pretty after a gym session and yet there are girls at my gym who don't even break out into a sweat and look as neat as when they came in. Its not FAIR!

Warning - do not adjust your contrast! This is me straight after a Step class. Woooo! It was a toughie!
Ahem, I digressed.

The webshow tonight features 5 pretty flowers using different mediums and techniques that ANYONE can enjoy. Besides lighting and camera issues (again) and sound issues with the dog barking...... i think it went really well. LOL. Im going to add photos of the flowers on my blog tomorrow so you can see them in all their neatness. You can view the video HERE.

I'll sign off with this lovely layout I made today. Im not a clean and simple scrapper but this layout makes me feel so happy. I made three ribbon embellishments (flower, leaves and bow) and pretty much left the layout cleaner than my usual style.

Going for a lovely and relaxing sleep. I can't believe how much of a restful nights sleep that I am getting since gymming it.


Craft Fairy said...

Oh my gosh!!! you look just like me when i come out of the gym, i too wonder why no-one ever looks half as red as me and it takes me forever to pale-put again!!!
Nice to know i am not alone!

Sue said...

Splashing cool water onto your face is supposed to help reduce the redness. Don't use ice cold water though.

Will check out the video in a sec.

Loving the LO.

Sue said...

Fab layout!
I look like that after one glass of wine!

SDCrafts said...

How about a spritzer spray?

But, actually, I can see beneath the superficial that is your skin, Kirsty. Beyond that layer, I can see joy, cheekiness and a girl who is very much alive in her skin.

And that is worth celebrating!

sally said...

hi kirsty, have just watched the great video clip,thanks for the spiral flowers, I have had a bash but not managed as well as you, will you be at the great northern papercrafts extrav??

Bettyann said...

Loved the video..thx for all the fab have a very healthy glow...