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8 Aug 2010

Bubba Juh-Juh, again - again, I know!

You know I'm in love with JJ, don't you? Joshua James is that little piece of heaven that fills you with hope and makes you feel alive. Why do babies do that to you?

This is he, after a bath last night. Lighting poor but that tongue sticking out? That was perfect!

I can't stay long, Ive got a 9am show tomorrow which means an early-ish night. I have an audio book to listen to to keep me from nodding off on the M6/A14/A1 and a whole load of excitement for my first Christmas show.

A proper blog update will ensue tomorrow night.

PS: Thank you for the unprecedented amount of downloads for my new Par Avion kit (blog post below). I hoped they would be popular, so thanks again!


Anne Jagger said...

What a little bundle of beauty!

mumtomanyuk said...

He is so cute.

Have a good day tomorrow hon

mumtomanyuk said...

I mean today, it's 3am Monday and I'm off to bed.

Sue said...

So cute.

Safe journey. Hope it all goes well.

mustavcoffee said...

Hi Kirsty, he's so gorgeous:)
The show was brilliant, well done:) xxx

Rae said...

LOVE the par avion stuff. will be back to download for sure once I get home!! hope the show went well :)

Bettyann said...

JJ is so sweet..ahh the innocene of babies..take care..

Jackie said...

i am totally looking forward to the "we r memory keepers" seweasy - i do not have a sewing machine, so this is the perfect alternative!

love your blog btw! :)