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12 Jul 2010

Winners and whining

We have winners of Aquamarkers here!
The full 40 set goes to: Alana
two runners up receive a pack of 12 pens: Joy and Zarah

The winner of the Midnight Rooster mini kit is: Sarah Mullinax

Im grateful for your participation in relation to the way you answered the questions. Quite fun but hard to pick a direct winner, so I cheated and used a number generator. One of my biggest fears as a kid was always getting picked last for team sports or not standing out enough to shine to be an outright winner. Ive always struggled with that and always will. I just want to be the middle man, you know. So in this game there are no last places.

Bad luck comes in threes - you agree? Well tonight I stubbed my toe (really hard, I hasten to add) before we went to see Shrek 3D with Belle. I screamed when I did it and hopped around on the best foot whilst waiting for the pain to subside. My foot throbbed throughout the cinema screening and when we came out I looked at my toe peeping through my silver gladiator sandals and holy hell; my toe was black! Mark quite rightly pointed out that even a trip to A&E would be fruitless as there is nothing a hospital can do for broken toes. So i took paracetamol - woo, major pain killer.......NOT! Later on, as I was in my craft room doing something or other, Mark came through to show me his half chewed drumstick lolly (don't you just love those?) and in his hand was a filling that the chew had prized out of its moorings. Im just waiting for number 3 in the run of bodily injuries to occur and then we can get back on with our lives.

Perhaps number 3 was me getting a little bit emotional tonight. I seem to lapse into weepy moments a lot recently. I don't mean to, its how I'm made, I guess. I was reading Tara Whitneys blog and relishing the words she was writing about her kids. I'm awfully attached to her writings about her daughter, Mckenna. In so many ways I relate to everything she goes through even though my girl doesn't have strong a condition as hers. And I really started to feel sorry for myself. I REALLY don't want to but I cant help it sometimes. I can imagine that some people want to shake me hard and say get a grip but its always those people who haven't got a bloody clue what its like. Ive splurged this emotional turmoil a million times on my blog before and this is the millionth and one time but I really do break my heart about my girl. Tonight, as we were at the cinema there were girls in there from her year at school. Just three on their own. And there is Ellie going to the cinema with her parents. And there was Ellie needing my help to get down the steps as she can't manage them very well, and there they were skipping down them two at a time. Its not that I'm envious and not that I think "Oh poor Ellie". I just think why? After all her happiness is paramount and she IS happy. That's good, isn't it? But I can't help but think that she doesn't know anything different as she doesn't have friends calling round for her to be even allowed that independence,anyway. She never questions it and doesn't mind that Mark and I are her social life and contact. Gah, I'm sick of talking about it but it does help splurging that emotion to empty it out of my system a little. Shutting up.

Ok, I'm off to tidy my hovel of a craft room up as I have a One to One photography day tomorrow. As Ive revamped my website, you can learn about them there, if you wish. Here she is - all trimmed up


Bettyann said...

I don't find listening to your one million and one rant...your lovely and precious girl and want what all mothers want for their children..friends and happiness and we will do anything to obtain it for them...congrats to the winners...take care of that toe girl..

Zarah said...

First of all: NO WAY? I won! Yay! *Happy happy dance* Thanks so so much!!

Second: Poor toe! I hate when you stub your toe - it really handicaps you so much more than you'd tink. A toe's so small and it still makes sucha difference!

Third: I don't think it's strange at all that you feel what you feel. You're a good mother. You love and care and people can sometimes be quite crappy ones when it comes to handling things outside their comfort zone. Too often that zone is VERY small. :(

I admire you for being so strong. And no, being strong isn't always about carrying on - it's about being sensible enough to just break down and cry a little - and feel sorry for yourself sometimes, too. You need to let it out, from time to time. Nothing strange about that. You're still a remarkable, kick a$$ lady!

Big hugs of encouragement from me!

Sue said...

You are entitled to have a rant, a cry and even a trantram. You want the best for Ellie, that's natural. Like you say you can see what she's missing. I wonder if there are any clubs around that cater for children like Ellie. My nephew went to one for a while.

Hope your toe improves quickly. Sure hope you don't suffer another injury. You'll have to carry around a rabbits foot, or a four leaf clover:)

Take care hun.

Congrats to the winners.

mustavcoffee said...

Oh Kirsty you poor thing, my son broke his toe a fortnight ago, it is soo painful. We went to the hospital but they don't do x-rays or anything actually but they suggested we alternate Ibuprofen with the Paracetamol, still taking them every 4hours.
So basically you take 2 tablets every 2hours just whilst the pain is really bad It might be an idea to strap it to the other toe to give it support,if you can bear the pain:{
Lets hope there won't be another injury, poor Mark , that's going to be expensive too:{
I think your tendency to fall into tears is your way of dealing with your frustration at the injustices of this life, it's a very good safety valve.
When you write explaining what's happening to you I feel privileged to be included, you certainly don't moan just for the sake of it. I can identify with you although my problems are just different.
After all you say that Ellie is happy, well that is such a success, pat yourself on the back and 'gingerly' step forward to another day:) xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh Kirsty! Thanks! You just made me cry too!!! lol. My "little one" is 23 and has just one friend who calls round..... He's a very good friend luckily, but I so know how you are feeling - I feel just the same. You have the advantage over me, in that you are able to share here - my friend who understands is 200 miles away! :-(
We want the best for our children; my son wants to go on holiday to the States ON HIS OWN!!! OMG! How can I let him do that? But I know I have to, and that he will be fine, and come back much more confident. I'm hoping it will actually be the turning point in his life. And then what will I worry about?
Sorry! My empathy with you has just turned into a 'woe is me'.... :-D Keep strong. Your beautiful girl will get through. She'll have friends knocking at the door dragging her off somewhere before you know it.
Sending (((hugs))) to you all. HeyJude.x

Fiona said...

I agree with the other comments. You're allowed to feel sorry for yourself and to have a boo and a rant if you want. (I can identify with this at the moment) You sound like a very strong lady and everything you wish for Ellie is what every mother would want for their child. Don't be too hard on yourself.
I've done that toe thing,......bloody painful!

DGgirl said...

Hi Kirsty

Love Tara's blog - so inspiring. As for your ranting and raving - I'm a great believer in it being better out than in. Have difficulty getting it out myself and believe me that can cause even bigger problems!!


SDCrafts said...

I do s hope that calamity no3 does NOT hit the Wiseman household. One advantage of MS, thou shalt not feel thine toes - no comfort to you - rest that foot so it heals well. Read lots, footstool in situ, please.

I've been thinking again, crafty blogs position 2 - TWO! We have to find ways to ensure Kirsty Wiseman becomes a household name, not just in papercrafts. Another extension. We have to! You have to...please Kirsty, your voice is too precious and your talent is enormous. The potential is there for all to see.

Anonymous said...

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