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15 Jul 2010

Summer Crafting Event - Doncaster

Hey, whatcha doin?
This weekend, I mean?
Are you in or near Doncaster racecourse?
If so, you REALLY need to come to the Summer Crafting event because there is a serious crafting splurge alert going on where you can top up all your supplies with yummy things your hubby need ever know about.

I'm on stand 43d with the ever so delectible Mark (hubby, grumpy pants, staple remover) as my slave. I'm demonstrating my new cd and Aquamarkers along with a plethora of other yummable scrummables. I promise you that Mark will not be demonstrating but he can talk the craft talk, you know. I'd pay you to talk about paper weights and cardstock with him, just to see him keel over and perhaps spontaneously combust.

This weekend, though is mad for me. Not only am I doing the craft event but I'm on Create and Craft at 9am on Monday morning too. oooooh, I can feel my eyes bleeding now. But, to cushion the blow, I'm on with Nigel and Nigel makes me want to die laughing (which you are not allowed to do as being professional at all times is paramount - ahem!). Do keep me company, its nerve wracking when you are live on air (well the first 5 minutes are, anyway).

Gotta go, Ive 43827631049873249178865 things to do before Saturday morning.

Hugs x

PS: You can still enter HERE to win a enormous ribbon booty. Go on, I know you can here that ribbon tempting you


Sue said...

Good luck with the craft show and the TV show.

Hope you get everything done and have time for a cuppa:)

Lynda said...

Have a great weekend Kirsty - enjoy Doncaster and I will be glued to the telly Monday morning!!

Love Lynda xxx

Fiona said...

Have a great time at Doncaster. I'll be watching you trying to keep a straight face with Nigel on Monday.

elliesmum said...
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elliesmum said...

Can't wait for the TV show, have programmed record in case I miss anything - good luck!

Spookys Crafty Mess said...

Good Luck with the Show Kirsty,I've got the Alarm set and will be watching with a nice cuppa in hand,so watch for the email from bedland !! as usual.I'm already enjoying ALL your CD's esp the digi stamps,and yes I too love luv the AquaPromarkers I asked them about 6 months or so ago if they could do more,they just said they were looking into it !!! Hmm hugs B in bedland xx

notquitemarthastewart said...

it was lovely to meet you on saturday, it's still bugging me how we have a mutual friend but can't fugure out who!!! LOL hope today was a little cooler in there for you and i'll be watching on Monday x