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11 Jul 2010

Reading much?

I go through fits and starts when it comes to reading. Meaning I do it when I get the time. I won't conform to reading what everyone else is reading in the heat of the frenzy because I dislike listening to other people's reviews as, we all know, everyone's thoughts and reviews differ from your own. I would hate for anyone to spoil my enjoyment when I'm half way through a book based on hype. I tell you what else drives me mad, is when a book is made into a film. Classic examples of this pure horror is Silence of the lambs and the Twilight series. I have been so disappointed when I have come to watch the movies after reading the books first. It makes me want to scream that they miss out so much crucial detail. I seriously would like to be that screenwriter who gets it right. And up to now, no movie has ever cut it for me after reading the book first:( So fiction is on hold for a while.

The books I love the best (besides RomComs by Marian Keyes - even the PS I Love You movies was pants compared to the book) are factual or spiritual books. I'm not religious by any stretch of the imagination but I do have a little faith when it comes to fact and logic... and perhaps little wisps of hope. These books are something I can pick up and put down without the urge to read to the end of a paragraph in fear that someone will die - or even worse....fall in love ;) (laughing out loud at that bit). I can thoroughly recommend Outliers and Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. He makes me understand social dynamics, humankind and prosperity and most of all he gives me hope. Dr Richard Wiseman (no relation, honest!) research on resilience and persuasion, in his book 59 Seconds, gets me really fired up when I'm burning on a low gas. And lastly "Ask and it is given" is somewhat bible based but marries the teachings with Laws of Attraction. I'm fascinated by this stuff, I really am. The book speaks to me about perspective and I suppose that is a religion in itself to me. I thoroughly recommend them, they are uplifting and though provoking and best of all, nobody dies in them so you don't fall asleep all broken hearted.

Finished up with another tag I made yesterday after scouring my room to sort out stock for the Summer Crafting event in Doncaster next week. Please say you will drop by to see us there!

Click on the tag to enlarge it
I used Banana Frogs minnie Budmo Jiggler fonts to create the alpha background and Altered Originals spray inks over versamarked ink to make this tag's quote about little boy dogs!!!

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JO SOWERBY said...

i am a mega reader when i get the chance and read a mix of fiction mainly. the last book i read as ''acts of heroic love'' and ''one day'' which were brilliant. theyd been on one of the tv reading lists but i never get round to reading when they're on. i'm now reading ''the thirteenth tale''. i agree with ur comments on books into movies, although they made a fair stab at ''interview with the vampire''.
Jo xxxx

Darcy said...

I have a Malcolm Gladwell called 'blink' very good for dipping into.

Sue said...

I am a very slow reader. I am working my way through all of Katie Fforde's and Freya North's books at the moment.

Love the tag.

Anonymous said...

I read for at least 1.5 hours a day! half hour in the bath in the morning to wake me up, half of my hour lunch break and a half hour in the bath in the evening!!!!!!
I prostitute my literacy-I'll pretty much read owt! My fave atm is chick-lit....easy and Freya North,Jane Green and Sophie Kinsella and Fiona Walker,but I also have a full shelf of Dick Francis, ditto Sven Hassel,ditto Clive Cussler...I love to collect complete works!
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

lynmcf said...

you know when you see something from a distance and you think WOW and then you get really close and think EWWWWW, well that happened to me today with a photo frame for a daxi .... my SiL is made for her daxi Flora, and it looked like the perfect gift until I got up close and it was tacky (but what do you expect for £1.50?) I've read four Lisa Jewell over the past couple of weeks, so relaxing to sit outside and not have to keep notes so I can follow the plot!

EWhyley said...

I've read the tipping point, great book. I've got a massive reading list for the summer. Just starting One Day, read great reviews!
Hope your toe isn't hurting too much!

Marie said...

Great tags and an interesting reading list. I'm a ferocious reader and I'm always looking for new stuff.

In terms of the whole book/movie thing I've found the best way is to NOT go into the movie expecting it to be like the book. It's never going to be. The great thing about reading is that the bulk of it stems from your imagination. The film is always going to be from the filmmakers imagination - the two can never be comparable. So, take it as a separate entity in its own right and you're much less likely to be disappointed.