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2 Jul 2010


i did a re-record of the 5 of 101 flowers HERE

In giving away all my flower demo's so leave your name in the post below xx


hello gorgeous said...

well done gorgeous! just had a quick squizz at your production/direction debut! ;o)

enjoy your weekend!


hello gorgeous xxx

Zarah said...

Kirsty - you ROCK my world! Not only are the flowers fantastic - but you're such a STAR for making these easy and sweet tutorials! Love it! :D

karen said...

ive got all your cd's and your new one that came out yesterday. cant make doncaster are you going to the nec in november.

Kaz :)

Anonymous said...

Great video Kirsty and fab demos. Your new CD looks great and am of to buy from your shop.

scrapraffe said...

ahhh the video is wonderful! i spend a fortune on flowers so hopefully this will help :) love love love the ribbon one :)

Angela Weimer said...

Great tutorial. love the flowers. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend. Angela

Anonymous said...

oh heck...its 9pm,Ive got work in the morning ,but Ive gotta try at least 2 of these fab flowers RIGHT NOW!!!!! Damn you,HobbyCraft for not selling crepe streamers-I hope a sheet of crepe,cut into strips will do the same thing...Im going to have a glitter-face all day tomorrow,I can tell!
Love to the curlygirl
(and nice to hear Eddy speak...hope we can see him next time!)
Lulubelle x

michwot said...

hi kirsty just watched your tutorial,( didn't get to watch the live one) really enjoyed it i can see me having a house full of flowers ;D thank you
mich xx

Anonymous said...

great video, brill flowers, when's the next one x

Kate said...

ooh off to watch the vid coz I missed the beginning of the original. Thanks so much for re-recording it!
Quick (probably stupid) question I have a load of old encyclopidas. The paper is shiny you know kinda coated would that be ok for making the flowers?(although I'll probably have millions LOL)

Kate said...

Thanks for the quick reply Kirsty.
Just looking at the vid here ;-)
I will def try the encyclopdias, didn't think of sanding the paper DUH! LOL
Thanks xx