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12 Jul 2010

One to one shoot and Ribbon!!! Yummy slurpy licky! **giveaway**

I taught another One to One photoshoot today, even with my gammy toe which is still KILLING me! Today was fun as I know Kathy who came to take my class.

I know the first half of the day is pure mathematics for my clients and I feel bad as I see the pure pain in there eyes, that is, until we go out on a practical lesson based on the theory. I then stand, enthralled, as the mathematics and composition come together and they show m AMAZING pictures they have taken based on my teachings. I couldn't possibly let any of them go home until they nail the semi automatic functions on their camera and even bordering on the principals of manual mode. BUT........ I don't teach client creative photography because to be able to even do that, you have to know the functions of your camera and how magical it can be. Once you have mastered that, you can take pictures of any old thing and it be amazing.

Here is Kathy, which I took this afternoon. Isn't she adorable? She celebrates a milestone birthday this week and think she has great skin for her age
You see the green flower she has on her jacket? Well she brought me one in red too - I LOVE IT so much, its gorgeous and best of all, she made it!

So I taught Kathy about depth of field and composition in the park and getting the exposure bang on. She did a great job. I took these pics whilst she got to grips with it all - don't we have a lovely flower Park?

And Im sure she won't mind me sharing this cool pic she took using one of my favourite compositions, Continual. I love the juxtapose of the cars cutting across the photo:
A lovely day spent with another lovely (and patient) student xx

Anyone who knows me or reads my blog will know that I love ribbons. Spotty, sheer, satin, stripey or patterned - I don't care, just GIVE ME THEM!

Well, you are going to love this blog excerpt because I have a wonderful giveaway sponsored by Fantastic Ribbons. Have you seen them at craft shows in the UK ? I have and their stall is ALWAYS thriving. Yummy, licky, slurpy ribbons for you to adore and laugh evilly to yourself that they are in your possession FOREVER.

Fantastic Ribbons sell by the spool and give the most amazing discounts for bulk purchases. That is all you need to care about to fall in love with them.

To be in with a chance of winning - you can go direct to this page HERE. I get around 1200 hits a day from all over the world (400 from the UK alone) so all 1200 or so of you should enter this. I have no idea of who will be entering as the hit page is direct at Fantastic if you have been too scared to enter one of my giveaways before or are a friend of mine and worry I won't pick you because you are a friend (which is never the case, I use a number generator, remember!) - this prize is independent and you have to be in it to win it!

Hugs and air kisses xx


Anonymous said...

Ribbons AND buttons!!! Kirsty you are sooooo naughty. Thanks for the chance to win. Hope you are feeling better today? Jude.x

Linby said...

ooh glad I read to the end. Wasn't going to enter as I just won some lovely stamps from you.
Linby x

Alana said...

Just want to say thanks for organising the Letraset giveaway. It's the first time I have won anything since childhood. Can't wait to try them.

amber jane said...

Goodness I wish everyday that you could pop over here and teach me your wisdom with the camera hun.

Sue said...

Fab photos.

Now off to see if I can get me some ribbons:)

Anonymous said...

why are some people just not worth bothering about? our half-price promarkers sale ends on I spend some quality time with an ink pad and bits of card,stamping images out so they can try b4 they buy...and they scribble all over the table and draw teeny tiny penises on my poster.... meh...
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x