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26 Jul 2010

Merry Jul Augmas and GIVEAWAY!

Christmas in Jul/Aug?
I know, I know but let me tell you this - I am probably the last person with a Christmas CD right now as the Christmas fest starts in early July on Create and Craft. Nevertheless, I'm sure if you are a printables crafter, you are really going to like this CD. Ive packed even more into it including Christmas projects, Santa signs, thank you letters and table and home decorations in addition to cardmaking papers, greetings and cut outs

Click on the image to enlarge

This item airs on 9th August at 9am and if I may......ahem........ dance a little happy jig that its my favourite cd to date.

Marko and I took the pooch out to the beach today. I really needed some fresh air. But when we got there it was really muggy and I started to feel a bit unwell. I tried to ignore it by taking some pictures to practice with my lens (which I LOVE!) but it was no use, I still felt yucky.

Here are some pics I took on the walk coupled with some nifty metering skills I just taught myself (breathes on nails and polishes them on my chest!)

Waiting at the level crossing:

Lush greens in the graveyard:

Proper bunting that made my heart delight a little:

I love horse chest nut leaves:

Are these Buddleja's? Not sure, love them though!

A rogue poppy, cheering up the lane:

Mark, caching as ever - He is cache made:

Me, lagging behind:

My two boys taking time out whilst I try not to faint:

Heart shaped petals? He heeeee, love them:

Dreamy country lanes with paths that lead to mystery and adventure:

More roads and more lanes, enveloped by sycamores and horse chest nuts:

What is it about the flaky texture of slate?

Fences that lead the eye to nowhere:

Couldn't you just dive into that sea of green?

And now I'm off to bed to fight off this tiredness!

Oh!!!! but before I go there is another super duper giveaway at Fantastic Ribbons. Last week they gave £25 worth of ribbon to one lucky winner. And now they are offering 2 winners a bag of Christmas buttons. All you have to do is pop over HERE and Fantastic Ribbons will pick two winners next Monday. Pop back tomorrow to see what I made with my Christmas buttons (you will like it!!). I ought to say a huge thank you to Keith at Fantastic Ribbons who asked me to do some design work for them this week - thank you, Keith :). Couple that with being asked to join the Scrapbook Magazine DT again and another DT opportunity which I can't announce just yet. I'm so glad that bird plopped on me; you know how they say it brings good luck!


Sue said...

Fabby photos.

Yes that was a Budlia (sp?) also known as a Butterfly Bush (because the butterflies love them).

Hope you are feeling much better today.

Fiona said...

Love seeing your fabby snaps, wish I could shoot like that.
You need to get to bed earlier girl, hope you feel better today.

Sandie said...

Wonderful pics Kirsty!! Hope you're feeling better today :)

hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous!! LOVIN' the new lens....what fab photos, colours and detail are stunning....the best one for me is....the slate.....I LOVE SLATE!!!

hope you are feeling better today and congrats on all the good luck that's flying your way lately :o)


hello gorgeous xxx

SDCrafts said...

These photos are tremendous, Kirsty - your own photo agency coming up next? Seriously, releasing a disk of gorgeous photo images that crafters could use would be great. Looking forward to the Xmas CD Rom.

Do I think finishing the CD and being so tired are linked? Please rest, it is Be Kind to Me week. (I say so and do so).

Bettyann said...

well girl no wonder you are sos tired..I'm pooped just hearing about your adventures...your pics are fab...I feel the air and can smell the forest just by looking at your photos...

Merry said...

What amazing you do geocaching too. So much fun. Love those country lanes covered in the trees.