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24 Jul 2010


You know when things are meant to be but you dare not take the risk or the jump just in case it's a fake feeling? Oh, the amount of times I've not taken the risk and regretted it is immeasurable. But this week something happened so smoothly and swiftly that I knew it was destined to be!

For a long time I have wanted the Canon 17-40mm L lens. Like forever. I could never justify the £700 price tag for something that I just wanted. Id go on ebay checking out the prices and hoping that one day I could grab one for a bargain but alas, no. The lens would always go for a high price of about £550 second hand. That was until this week. My lucky week ever, I think. I looked on ebay for this lens, again, and saw that someone had it for sale at 500 or best offer. I clicked into the link and noticed the guy that was selling it was in the next town to me. I offered him a good price. He rejected it and I was gutted but he gave me his phone number to call him. So I called him. The reason he rejected it was because he would have preferred an off ebay sale (ie no fees). Always a risk, I figure, but I could go and handle the lens for myself and decide if I wanted the sale to continue. I told him I could only pay for the lens if I sold my prize Canon G11 first. I just didn't have the kind fo money to splash out on the lens. He said "What? Are you selling a Canon G11?" and I said yes. He told me that he was selling all his pro kit to downsize to this VERY camera. I mean, come on? NO WAY was this happening to ME!
So a trade off was put in situ and he got my prize Canon G11 and I got my dream lens. HOORAY for the fact he lived in the next town, selling my sought after lens in exchange for my prize camera. Who would have thought it?

This week has been very tough for me work wise. The wind down after the Doncaster show and the aftermath of the Create and Craft show plus finishing my 6th CD for 9th August show. I did, however, squeeze a one to one photo workshop with the lovely Helen. Oh we did have a good time, teaching, chatting and laughing. She is such a sweet soul and took to the lesson really quick. I love that she went home all fired up and at one with her DSLR.

This is one of her beauties she took from the day (the picture, not me!) and now this beautiful girl no longer uses automatic settings!

Thank you Helen and also for that random outburst that made my almost die with laughter (and Im not talking about when the bird crapped on my leg and in your bag!)

My mum had her birthday this week and I sent her this little cutie here

I also played about with my ring flash again this week. I love how dramatic the effects are. This was taken in a sunlit room but what the ring flash does is home in on the subject whilst filtering out the background, making it almost black. I just hate that Marks right eye is out of focus but still, fun fun fun effects!
And lastly a little make with a teeny canvas. I used my fab new Aquamarkers (see blog post below for links to demo's) to create that washed background

and made the simplest of designs for my hallway - to greet my visitors.
So now I must get back to the grind on my Christmas CD (eeeew, did I mention the C word?)

Have a lovely weekend, dudes x


SDCrafts said...

Dear Lord - could you please, pretty please, grant me just one-tenth of Kirsty's energy output so that next week I can achieve at least 100% of my plans?

What a week! Well done for all of it not least the "the simplest of designs for my hallway" - WOW!

Now green with envy and hiding in shame, Shirl x

Sue said...

Fab news about the lens. Definitely was Kismet.

Fab photos.

Love the little canvas.

Hope you can find some time to relax.

Kate said...

I can't believe I just bought one of those teeny canvases at The Works to decorate! Fab news about the camera.

** Kate **

Vicki said...

I wish I lived closer to you Kirsty - I want some one to one photography training with you!!! :)

2Angels said...

Congratulations on finally getting the lens you want! I just adore your little canvas! :)

Fiona said...

1.It was meant to be.
2. Never heard of a Ring Flash before. (it sounds like something I've seen down the Rugby Club!)
3.Your hallway looks like it should be featuring in Homes & Gardens.

Fi x

Anonymous said...

Wot they've all just said.... LOL. Energy, lens, canvas, photography teaching, hallway; everyone else has said it... :-D I also want to know about "Ring flash" please, and where did you get those cute cupcake die-cuts? And you don't hire out your beautiful family do you? lol. Jude.x

HelenP said...

Hey Kirsty
I had a great time learning about my DSLR. You made me laugh so much when the bird crapped lol !
I took some lovely pics of the kids yesterday, thank you so much.
Helen x

Debsg said...

Fabulous pictures. I've seen (and bought!) loads of cupcake stamps etc but the ones on your mum's card and by far the best I have seen.

Sasha Holloway said...

Great steal on the lens. I am always checking both us and uk ebay listings. Ended up opening a LLoyds bank account due to the fact of tired of spending all my damn money out of my US account due to the exchange rate. So I automatically converted that 500 pounds LOL in my head .. anyway .. love the pics and the card is really cute .. love the cupcakes

get some rest time ..