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15 Jul 2010

JJ and Dy **giveaway still open**

JJ......... Because I love and miss him so much:
A bit of a grouch today as he had all his immunisations. Poor kid slept on my chest all afternoon sleeping off the grog. I secretly loved the cuddlies and I got to inhale that pure baby scent in abundance. I love his smell, babies smell the best (But not after a hefty poopy download. Obv)

A few hours later, he was back to his old self
Ooooh couldn't you just eat him?

He so looks like my dad in this picture. Kerry is so cruel giving him a side parting at a mere 9 weeks old!

Dyan.......... because she is the weirdest forty something I ever met and I wouldn't want to change a thing about her:
Spending very little precious time with a good friend is food for the soul. Wish I could spend more time with her........... :(

Black and White art steals my heart. Every. Time.

Dy is so cool, even on her granddaughters swing. Do you see the dress? Well she bought that last night, took the hem off to shorten in and made the head scarf out of the spare fabric. Inspired!!!

For fun

My fave shot - purely because she is wearing uber tall Cavalli shoes
And then dockers in the next

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Sue said...

Yep I could eat JJ:)

Love the shots of your friend.

Dylan said...

aww you are the bestest photographer in the whole wide world and the frikking worst hair colourist.!!! love ya loads sweet cheeks xxx

Dylan said...

and what you mean "the wierdest forty something you have ever met"..??? I like it in my world.!!

Fiona said...

Great snaps Kirsty. I think JJ has a look of Ellie about him in that top photo.

SDCrafts said...

Firstly, please carry on smelling JJ - don't eat him! And secondly, have just watched How to Look Good Naked (recording of last night's new series first show) which featured a guy. Bear with me...(ouch)

At what point do gorgeous guys 'learn' to not feel good naked - and how many does that apply to - (87% apparently)?

Secondly, Dyan is a lady who, I feel, knows how good she looks and is totally secure in her skin. If it could only be bottled...

AND you, Kirsty, are one hell of a photographist!

Brook said...

I love the picts! I so wish you could fly over and take some picts of me. I believe you have such talent you could probably make me look good.

gingerLJ said...

I love those pics! The black and white one looks very David Bailey if you dont mind me saying. You make me want to know Dyan, which is a compliment to you both as I think you've portrayed her really well. She looks like a greaqt model to work with too. Have a great weekend luvvie!

Deb said...

Loving JJ's Roger Moore raised eyebrow look in the side=parting pic!