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7 Jul 2010

The boy

The boy, my boy - my love and my light. A-top of the chair in front of the window which we call meerkat mountain. He stands guard to survey his kingdom, berating anything from the postman to grass blowing in the breeze. My comfort, my saviour and and my companion throughout the day when I'm all alone.
He snuggles in those blankets on top, beneath and rolled up - he still gets hair everywhere but do I care? Only when we have guests, he heeeeeeee.

Made another tag whilst on the phone chatting today. I love chatting and making stuff at the same time; I always have to be doing something with my hands - always. Even at the dinner table I play with my leftovers to make patterns on my plate. So don't invite me to dinner if you don't want to watch me make sculptures out of my leftovers (unless you are a fab cook of which there will be no leftovers!)

Click the image to enlarge
I used Altered Originals spray inks. They are so bright and fun to use.

I like this quote I used on the tag. If you have any links to sites with quotes, please share. I want to make a whole batch of them as a legacy for Ellie - another piece of light in my life, if not the shiniest xx

My fave quote of the day is this:
Never compare yourself to anyone. You are only comparing your worst to their best.


Darcy said...

this site has gazillions of quotes


Trish said...

Love it and the quote is so true.

Sue said...

Love your little dog.

Fab tag.

I like 'Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land amongst the stars'.

Also 'Dare to dream, believe in yourself and be prepared to be amazed'.

mumtomanyuk said...

My favourite quote is
Never look down on anyone-else...
unless you are helping them up.
Got loads saved somewhere, will try to find them.

Oh! and one that fits you.
You may be small in the eyes of the world but in one persons eyes, you are the world!
Love and hugs

Karen said...

thank you for the parcel i had in the post today. I love freebies.

Karen from nuneaton

ps I lie the picture of eddie looking out the window. i have a wire haired dachshund called stanley, he looks like him from the back.

Dylan said...

Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah XXX

Boo said...

Yeah, Eddie's back!!! That has to be a very fave photo and I clicked on him to make him bigger lol. Now, I have to ask where did you get that luscious throw with the green circles on? Must have - want!