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31 Jul 2010

Been MIA

Ive been away for a few days at Mommas and reunited with my peach - my Belle. She sits for god-knows-how-long on her treasured DS. And, you know, she finishes all her games; its a ritual she has to see out.
Ive been piecing together the last essentials of my Christmas Cd which airs next Monday (9th Aug) at 9am. Its full of lovely christmas ideas for home decor as well as cardmaking images and papers. In between perfecting the final touches, Ive been faffin with Macro and wide angle shots to stave off the boredom. This rose here, in Mums garden, is a variety that I had in my bridal bouquet called Nicole. Its a cream rose with a rich reddy pink outer layer and smells divine (scratch and sniff the screen to see what I mean ;) )

I also finished my tag from a tag swap that should have deadlined 16th July (erm, whoooops!) This is the second tag swap I have hosted so if you want to join in the next one, leave your name below. I only have 4 (plus me) in the group meaning that each girl (or boy!) makes 5 tags, keeps one and send 4 to me in an SAE to get 4 different ones back!.
This afternoon Belle and I went for a stroll on the beach. I practically squealed when I saw that they had painted the drab beach huts from their usual brown doors to these explosive colours. So Belle and I played - boy, she did have fun!

We took quite a walk and I purposely left Ellies wheelchair at home to get her legs some much needed exercise. She managed about half a mile, in an hour, with pit stops hither and dither. Here is one of our views on a corner, up a hill. Grey and dull yes but ooooh, you ought to have inhaled that beautiful sea air

But oh, the blue did peep a little in between the rolling grey clouds!

Then I took Belle for a Mc Heart Attacks for lunch whilst I dined heavenly on a lemon top ice cream.As we strolled down by the harbour, we passed a squillion fish and chip shops and this sign in the window made me laugh out loud
And then we came back to collapse after the bestest, purest and heady scent of fresh air. And I guess we might just do the same tomorrow, too!

Don't forget to enter the button giveaway (open til Monday) - you can find details in two posts below :)


hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous, WISH I had been there on your sea SOOO jealous you got to do that! Oh! the colours on those huts are simply delish! You could dive into them they look so scrummy.....all but the orange one that is!

Wish our beach was nearer :o( seems you get a decent colour on sea water too....we just get a "muddy" brown, pah!

I will think of you on your next delish walk today! Have fun!


hello gorgeous xxx

Craft Fairy said...

Hey Kirsty, I would love to take part in the tag swap if there are some spaces?!
Lisa x

Sue said...

I am loving your photos. The rose is just gorgeous. I love the photo showing the beach and sea. The beach huts are really fab with the bright colours.

Hope you have another fab walk today.

frazzled2day said...

does I be too late for tag swap hunnybunch?? love Janey xxx

Katy said...

owwww beach hunts now that i likey!

Could i join in the tag swap pretty please?

mucho Love chick

Katy xxxx

Di said...

Duh, I actually almost reached out to scratch and sniff the screen! Fabulous photos as always Kirsty! I want a beach hut....NOW!


Anonymous said...


I love the seagull pictures! I could have done with that warning when I went to Newquay earlier this year, walking down the street, oblivious to the fact that eating a pasty was a bad idea, and got attacked from above when it landed on my head!

Alex x