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13 Jun 2010

whooooooosh and gone :(

They are gone and JJ is just a sweet memory on my camera. But in two weeks time I can scoop him up in my arms again for uberly squishy snugs so until then, I have piccies to palpitate over and keep my ovaries in check!

Belle could not wait to feed him and sing to him. She only sang "London Bridge is falling down" to him throughout the weekend which she felt he liked the best. After the 50th time, I felt he had no choice but like it ;)

This photo could have been so much more beautiful if it wasn't for my dumbo brother doing the peace sign behind our heads!

Flat out in a restful slumber - i love little sleepy babies

Here we are, JJ and I - a great team and generating lots of energy from our snugfest
This is going in a frame - it will remind me of how precious he is and how much I adore him

I couldn't resist adding these photos from 2004 European finals and 2010 World cup football events. Ellie is only 8 in this photo in 2004

and then some 6 years later here she is in the SAME shirt that still fits! (Ellie only grows taller in her legs and does not grow wider - unlike her momma!)
Im so glad I kept those 2004 photos for this comparison!

Gotta add we were ITV HD's victims last night and missed the bloody goal. For those that don't know, if you were watching ITV HD, the game went to ads just before Gerrard scored a goal resulting in us MISSING the goal entirely. Well, I went berserk and felt cheated of a Ravanelli style goal celebration. Instead I grumbled like a grumpy old man but I do anticipate the next match being a little more exciting that last night - MEH!


Shazza said...

he is sooooo gorgeous, I want a cuddle!!! Great comparison pics too lol!

Kazzy said...

London bridges is a GREAT song...well done Belle...I'm sure he loved it!

I was watching in HD too...what a bloody cock-up!

Sue said...

Absolutely fabby photos of adorable JJ.

Love the photos of Ellie.

Fiona said...

Fantastico foto's. Am I the only person in the country who couldn't give a **** about football?


susiebee said...

He is absolutely gooorgeous!!! I have'nt seen that many 4 week olds that look so much like a little man! He is going to break many hearts he he is older. Love to Ellie
Sue xxx