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25 Jun 2010

So I did a fourth

I know, stands back in amazement! I even started on a 5th tonight as well.

Belle and I went to Paris in Aug 2008, just on our own. We loved it. We went every where on those open top buses and river boat rides to places as notorious as Sacre Couer, Notre Dame, Champs-Élysée, Eiffel Tower and various little boutiques and cafes. Ellies best memory around the Eiffel Tower was a little merry-go-round and beignets (little donutty things). I watched her enjoy every single one of them with the leap in my heart with every bite she took. She absolutely adored those little treats more than the whole spectacle of the Eiffel tower.

Click on the image to enlarge if you are having trouble seeing it

Love the gold little Robins Nest embellishments.

I want to go to Gay Paree again but Mark won't go as he doesn't get along with how the french berate the English when you are there. Me? I just ignore it and pretend Im Spanish or any country that I can get away with that won't result some frog flinging a stale baguette at me. If anyone is going some time soon, let me know - I could do with a 2 day trip to one of my favourite capitals in the world (minus the heckling from disgruntled Parisians who laugh at my attempt to speak french and tell me off in English!)


Sandie said...

That's just so pretty!! Love it :) Sounds like you both had a wonderful time in Paris.

Maz said...

I'd love to go to Paris (though they'd all berate me as my French is rubbish). I was meant to go with a friend for our 30th birthdays but she went and got pregnant (how selfish) so it's now planned for our 40ths!
Gorgeous layout! x

hello gorgeous said...

pareee, pareee, j'adore pareeee!

Would LOVE to go back there - went there 8 years ago for hubby's 40th - our hotel room overlooked the Sacre Couer! Walked lots, bussed lots and floated down the Seine lots!

Would def stay closer to the Seine next time - overlooking it actually!

It definitely leaves a mark on your soul! :o)

hope you get to go back soon.....I WILL be VERY jealous!


hello gorgeous xxx

Paula Pascual said...

Trust me, parisioan hate even more the Spaniards than they do the English, they even consider us Africans.

Brook said...

DH won't take me toe Paris either because they don't like Americans. LOL! I just think they want something to gripe about. They would definitely hate my Tex-French. Lovely LO of Miss Belle, she is gorgeous. The layering is fabulous. I'm just curious, how do you store your LOs that have such great depth and dimension?

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Ahh Paris. OH booked a surprise long weekend for my 40th Birthday. Loved every minute of it, and no grumpy French peeps either, they were all very nice (shock). Have vowed to go back as soon as I can. Luv Dee xxx

Debo said...

Lovely LO.

I LOVE Paris and I must say that I've never encountered any problems with the Parisians. I can order food and drink in a very bad accent and have always found that they are very friendly IF you are prepared to TRY to speak French. I'm sure if I just spoke in English very s l o w l y and L O U D L Y, they would not be so friendly.
I think I have actually encountered more stroppy service in UK than France!!!!

Could you not book a romantic break for the 2 of you as a surprise? If not, I'd never turn down a trip!!!!

Mandy said...

Oh i would love to go to Paris if only i could get my hubby on a plane but that will not happen anytime soon.
Love the beautiful layout!!!

gingerLJ said...

Gorgeous layout as usual. Loving the A4(?) approach.

Been to see various rugby matches in Paris and never had a problem. In one restaurant we encountered some rugby "old boys" and everytime any English people finished their meal and left, they sang us the national anthem! Great atmosphere, cant wait to go back, LOVE the food so much! x

Rae said...

I'm with Debo! book it as a surprise ;)
we are going this weekend for our anniversary, except dave doesn't even know yet! he thinks we are camping in wales! mwahahaha!

Colette said...
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Sue said...

Another fab LO.