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20 Jun 2010

R and R

It was a fairly quiet fathers day; Mark doesn't like a fuss. But I didn't want to spend all day vegging either. What with me wrapping up the CD in readiness for it airing on 30th June I really needed to get out of this, what feels like, stinking pit hole (lol - cabin fever springs to mind).

Here is the new front cover (click on the image to see it bigger!)So I said to Mark that we were, no matter what, going to the seaside for fish and chips/dog walk/fresh air etc and Mark piped up "erm and a spot of geocaching?". Groan, how could I say no?

Before we ventured over to Southport, Mark coated the garden swing with varnish and Belle eeked out the remainder of her jammy time (she spent all day in them yesterday, bathed last night and fresh jammies again - I don't let her stink out the house, you know!). Me? I went on the treadmill again. Having bought an audio book yest I thought I'd sync my Nike plus through the iPhone and listen to the book whilst training to beat the hideous boredom. Erm, fatal flaw iPhone, you apple mac dumbos. I discovered that you can't use Nike plus and listen to a book at the same time. You can only listen to music. Apple=fail - AGAIN. Anyway, my training consists of walking to run. Ive set my goal to 45 minutes a day on a "fast pace walk" until my shins get used to the load before I break into a run. I used to run a LOT in my youth. I had to, I was in the RAF and had to have a certain degree of fitness about me. I so want to recapture that vitality and shape up into the bargain. And if Donna and Cathy can do it, so can I. Only Im not so scrapbooky cool as they plus Ive got a lot of wobble to trim up.

Ive had great fun selecting my fave running tracks to keep me motivated to stave off boredom by staring at a bare brick wall in the utility area of my garage. And with my amazing Koss headphones I can get great volume from the iPhone that you can't get with those ridiculous bud earphones you get with iPods (I think they feel like stuffing stale donuts in your ears - really painful and not at all comfy). I managed 40 minutes before a blister on my heel threaten to burst and drown the whole of lancashire. It's MASSIVE. Well, it was until I had to seep it later this afternoon which made me gag in one way and yet satisfied in the same breath. In fact, I am looking at it now and it needs another seep before I go to bed **insert menacing laughter here** After a shower and a loooooooooong drink, that overwhelming feeling of satisfaction came over me and I felt so good that Ive started exercising again.

Look, a flush of "wow, im back in the zone" - ignore freaky squinty right eye; I try to!I hope I can keep it up as my 40th birthday looms and I want to wear a party dress for the occasion.

So, sunny southport? Ellie was looking especially curly and angelic today. We had loooong conversations whilst Mark went hunting in undergrowths and hedgerows looking for those blasted boxes shoved in all sorts of contraptions that stashed his clues. Ellie blurted out these amazing animals facts (as usual) and we discussed dog breeds as each one passed us on our walk. We talked about the ducklings we saw in the pond and how much their baby fur looked like JJ's hair (!!) and all sorts of wonderful things that splurge out of my girls head. And then said to me, quite out of the blue "Mum, I think I have that thing you are talking about". "oh, really?" I said. She didn't expand and I didn't enquire further. I think she knows its on my mind and I know its on hers. I want her to talk to me about it so I know she is comfortable about it and when we hit the doctors tomorrow, I hope she feels able to ask some questions. That way we can gauge her feelings on the matter in full. I just don't to push all these feelings too much until we are fully aware of the facts. Mark and I were really surprised when she blurted that out, you know. Maybe she is convinced, herself.

On the way home we had fish and chips (and we cannibalised Eddy by giving him a sausage). Its been a really nice day and im going to finish it by popping that refilled blister and squirting the juice all over the bathroom, for fun.


Mandy Stapleton said...

Butiful snap of Ellie and Mark, glad you've had a lovely day and good luck for tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you all. xox

Sue said...

Fabby photos.

Hope your blister soon heals up.

Good luck with the doctors today.

Jo said...

Yuck.. you minger!!**insert green face** Squirting blister juice indeed!! What a lovely start for the morning - it's only 7.20 you know.. lol..

Have a great day Kirsty my lovely.. xxxx

scrapraffe said...

omg - giraffes on the cd :D


Jools said...

I started running just over 3 months ago. 4 stone overweight and just a little over the wrong side of 40.

To start with I could only manage 4 x 60 second runs (with 90 second walking breaks in between) - 2 days ago I ran my first 5k - in under 38 minutes!

I can HIGHLY recommend the Couch to 5k programme [link][/link] It really has gotten me from the couch to running 5k.

You can also download a great app for the iPhone, which tells you when to walk, when to run for each run, each week. You can even play your own music and it fades in and out when the prompts happen. I used this one [link][/link] but this one also looks good [link][/link]

Good luck with the running - it's worth it!

SDCrafts said...

Wow, Kirsty (apologies re wrong spelling last time) that cover is something else! How exciting for you. What talent...if only.

Glad you had a good 'us' day yesterday, we did too. Out on a picnic with newly widowed Mum and we could feel Dad's approval from on high.

So you were in RAF! So was a child!

SueK said...

Thinking of you today. good luck at the doctors.


Fiona said...

Fab snaps!
Hope all goes well with the Docs.

Rae said...

LOVE that last pic! beautiful!
keep it up with the treadmill. a treadmill at home was the best thing we ever did. once you start running on it lots you might want to try pointing a fan on it. we put this big airplane propellor style thing on the kitchen counter opposite. really helps :) nothing like a run in the kitchen at a quarter to midnight ;)

Anonymous said...

Good luck and keep up with everything, Kirsty! Doctors, CD, running, etc. etc. My "boy" also knew he "had that thing I'd been talking about" ..... It was a relief! She will do good - she's a smart cookie from what you write about her. Sending cyber hugs! :-)

Bettyann said...

Congrats on release of your newest the pics...talking is soooo good for the 2 of you...hugs and luv your way as Ellie goes through her testing...hate the treadmill but it does the work you need...

Heather said...

Hope all went well with the docs and I hope you get some answers soon. We re-start the genetics journey again next week after 12 years, dreading it, but like you we think our daughter has aspergers/autism so fingers crossed. It's only an answer not a cure but it will you agree make things a little better just knowing. Good Luck

JB said...

Hello Kirsty,
Compeed blister plasters work wonders and you can leave em on for a day or so, even in water! Hope helpful.