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27 Jun 2010

JJ's growin'

My sweet little love, JJ.

Oh, he is so adorable. A proper little gorgeous face which had its eyes closed most of the weekend due to the heat. My fam visited my Bro's fam for an overnighter/BBQ/England match get together. I was so excited to be seeing JJ again. My dog couldn't wait to see my brother's dog again for stupid doggy lovin (both boys, say no more). Belle wanted to enjoy family time and Mark wanted to stand around the BBQ, all butch whilst flipping burgers (because men love barbies and feel all manly whilst tonging food). It was a lovely surprise that our cousin and his wife should pop over too with their foster children (who stole me heart). And boy was it hot! Woooooooooooo 29 degrees it was and not a wisp of a breeze.

Overnight we had the fan on full blast and it was still boiling hot. I tossed and turned all night or was that because I promised the morning shift with JJ so that my bro and his wife could have a nice lie-in? He heee, the latter of course. Once I got that cherub in my mitts, both belle and I sat together in the lounge enjoying the changing and cleaning and feeding and cuddling. JJ lay on my chest - fast asleep all morning and we were all so content.

This is Elllie mid afternoon. I couldn't resist taking this picture, she really does look grown up here.The day got warmer and warmer and we all got excited at the prospect of the England V Germany match bearing fruit. Erm, short lived!

The cursing, the screams, the joy. The cursing, the screams and little pieces of more joy erupted from the lounge as we watched our team get a total and utter thrashing from the Germans. We played really baaaaaaaaaad and the goal that wasn't a goal??!!!.........see pics below for the fun that is doing the rounds on the internet relating to that.

Before we left, it was time to get some piccies of JJ for me to cry over whilst in my absence. Im not sorry, but I am so attached to this little boy who is a delight to my heart. We had a few moments with his eyes open this afternoon and a couple of breath taking smiles ensued.

Here he is with his daddy - all smiley for Auntie Kirsty again!
This picture makes me want to cry with joy!

And so we left after being defeated by the Germans (no shocks, there - its a regular occurrence). I slept all the way home as the heat really knocked it out of me to arrive with enough light to photograph this layout for my run of 5 layouts in a week - woo, go me!

Im off to go and listen to the rest if my New Moon audio book which will be followed by Cclipse on Audio before I watch New Moon on DVD followed by a trip to the cinema to see Eclipse. Im a tad 'cited.


Bettyann said...

JJ is suchc a doll..I'm suprised you didn't kidnap daughter and I got together with little Madelynn over most of the time the video they are so crap, but when it isn;t I cried after hearing and seeing them...I;m such a heat here..rain and 20c..have a good week..take care friend..

Anonymous said...

JJ is growing up so fast, no mistaking he's a boy either! Ellie looks stunning, you must be so proud. Love the LO!
Pat x

SDCrafts said...

What an amazing post Kirsty - all joy, love, pain and memory - wonderful stuff!

JJ has another (ageing-empty-sons-not-fathers-yet) fan.

BabyBokChoy said...

Being that England invented soccer and England is represented in FIFA as a nation, surely... England would rise up and demand/initiate change in the world of soccer? This soccer fan is disgusted with FIFA, its unwillingness to embrace technology is now beyond absurd. Don't tell me it's fair play when something as utterly decisive as a goal in soccer is awarded or not awarded based on human error. Don't tell me, goal(s) that determine outcome of a game is a part of the game. Sure, human error as gigantic as that English goal seen by everyone in the world except the referees might have been "a part of the game" 30 years ago, but c'mon, this is 2010. It's reform time!!! If tennis could reform and for Pete's sake, they have 4 grand slams every freaking year!!!!! The youth of the world waits for 4 years, for this shameful display of FIFA incompetence and unwillingness to get on with time? SO SO frustrating.

Brook said...

I feel your pain re: the game. We too had a disappointing round in the WC. I agree you were robbed! (Very Clever Optical Illusion btw) Love seeing your family grow and change. Lovely LO! XOXO

Deb said...

JJ is such a little cutie. And what a smile! BTW, have you seen the Rice Crispies advert? There's a little girl in yellow who looks just like your Belle! She always reminds me of her when it comes on.

Mandy said...

Your photos are so sweet! He's such a cutie! The heat here is bad too thank goodness for central air to keep me cool!OOOH hurry up and listen to those Twilight Audios. awesome books!. LOVE Eclipse going to see it at the cinema tomorrow night well i guess it's more like Wednesday morning at 12:01 am I'm so excited!!!xxx

Mandy said...

Love the layout too!

sparklygirl-Tina said...

JJ is such a gorgeous little fella - no wonder you love him so, your photos as always are fab (it must be great being a pro!)Little Ells looks gorg too. Love the layout.


Caroline and Jayne said...

Lol my husband will like the optical illusion x
Lovely layout and even cuter photos :)
jayne x

Sue said...

I want to snuggle JJ:)

Lovely photo of Ellie.

Fab LO.