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6 Jun 2010

Geekfest and video shoots

On Friday I met up with Super-Kate, Geek boy and Mario Testino (only he wasn't Mario Testino but he often shoots with Hasselblads so therefore he might as well be) - aka as the Crafts Beautiful video team. Our rendezvous was a farm barny thing that I believe is used to hire out to corporates holding banquets, parties and for the artyness that is a Crafts Beautiful video shoot. I was suitably impressed by the location and the rustic finish to the whole dwelling.

Geekboy had brought along the company iPad (faint, faint, faint) along with numerous geeky gadgets that I salivated quite drippily over; threatening to short circuit them in the process. Then Mario got out his big boy gadget and I proper swooned at the sight. It was only a 70-200 F2.8 IS USM lens. Could I have been any more vulgar? No, I dont think so. As the greyish white lens spoke to me in whispers with a glittering of stars and gold encircling this magnificent lens, I had quite forgotten that I was on a serious video shoot for the Crafts Beautiful Crafts Channel (see their gorgeous back catalogue here - you have no idea how many videos and hits these guys have). Between shooting we ate, laughed, took pics and generally faffed about in the million degree heat where I refused to take off my light cardigan because I had a bleach splash mark stain on the shoulder of my top .... not good for my Gaga style video shoot, complexion or state of mind.

I hate to think that Im boring you, dear diary, but I did have such a good laugh. It made me realise how much I can despise working on my own and not being with like minded geeks and amazing photographers let alone a great fun sub editor. Oh how I miss the "in" jokes, the teasing, the mickey taking and the camaraderie that working as a team injects into your working day. **sigh**

Here are a few reminders of my day:

The studio area of the barn - taken from my iPhone whilst I ate my lunch

As I ate my lovely sandwich, crumbs fell hither and dither and I screamed with delight as I discovered a heart shaped crumb had fallen on the table. Genius crumbs make me happy

Geek boys t-shirt.... an ode to Twitter. I love it!

The view of the barn from the craft area end

This gasoline pump (circa 14AD) stank to high heaven so naturally I forced them to have thier pictures taken here for a "Oasis" style album shoot. L-R: Kate, Geek Boy and Mario Testino

Kate and I - mafting from 90 million degree heat (seeking a tiny respite in the shade)

Mario as taken by Kate using my G11 camera. What I hate about these cameras (but not in this case) is how bulbous the close up wide angles make your nose. Marios looks sizeably conk!

The same goes for Geek Boy!

I hope that the video gods out there realise my full potential when it comes to bloopers and that I can do one again very soon.

**Don't forget to enter the "design a punch" competition over here - you really could see it being manufactured and sold in shops if you win....... what a treat!!!**

PS: Mario, you better not go back on that promise of allowing me to handle your Hasselblad when you are up my end. Bwahahahahahhahaa


Bettythebaglady said...

Hiya Kirsty-LOL can't get over the non match between your blog and your public persona as exemplified by these pictures-cardigan, string of pearls,little girl look all wide eyed and innocent.You've kept us in suspenders on the subject of your video.Love the crumb.Love to Rosie. Hugs BettyXXX

Sue said...

Looks like you had a fab time.

Fiona said...

A fun day was had by all methinks. Sorry to miss you on the telly last week, was working.


Jen said...

Claire and I are swooning at the gorgeousness that is the £2.5k worth of lens!!! She says "I've seen it. It's so BIIIIG" (so phallic - not my words; hers). Absolutely adore that picture of the heart-shaped crumb. Well, glad you enjoyed your day. Take care xxx
(Claire works for Jessops and the lens can be seen here