Ladies Camera Club

12 Jun 2010

Come on England

Today is a big day for us England football fans. Not only is it Englands first game at the South African 2010 World cup tournament but its also the start of our hope and dream to recalim the Jules Rimet since 1966.

Here is our lucky mascot, JJ with his uberly cool mohawk (how many 4 week old babies do you know that you an fashion their hair into a rather mean looking mo?)

There is going to be so much noise made in our house tonight - Im so excited!


lynmcf said...

are you sure that baby is only 4 weeks old ... he is so stylish even in an England kit! xxxx

Sue said...

He is a little darling. Love the England boots:)

Joy said...

How Gorgeous! He should be the team mascot! My Jake had even more hair than that - he looked like a cross between Ernie from SesameSt. and Dennis the Menace. He had to have his haircut at 3 months!

Bettyann said...

jj is so cute in his kit..oops the game was a draw..

Colette said...

Oh babies are so cute with their little bendy legs and the little line around their wrists that makes it look like they have screw on hands! Just me thinks like that?

Gorgeous baby anyway,
Colette x.