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20 May 2010

Thank you so so much

This is a small but sweet post to say a huge thank you to Sharon and Marie for helping me get out of a pickle today. Its been a hellish week which is now being cut off from all the loose ends to be tied into one neat bundle. They both brought their little babes along and it was a fine old scene with Eddy not sure what the hell was going on.

In the mean time, see you at 9am in the morrow on Create and Craft TV with Leonie.



S said...

Sorry things have been "hellish". Here's hoping your weekend is heavenly.

Maz said...

You're most welcome honey - Connor loved Eddy - though not sure he felt the same way! Good luck for tomorrow. We'll be watching! x

Darcy said...

Good luck for tomorrow hon, you will be great.x

Terrie B x said...

`Break a leg as they say` ...Enjoy:)x

Sandie said...

Good luck tomorrow.. sorry about the hellish days but so glad you have good friends to call on :)

Sue said...

How lovely of your friends to pop in and help you out.

Hope things have calmed down and you have a relaxing weekend.

mumtomanyuk said...

You must be like me. I swear someone pinched 2 of my days last week and I would love them back, oh the joy to have 9 days in a week. LOL

Seriously though I had just gone into my craft room to order your CD's so I popped the TV on as well and there you were. Only found your blog recently and have started reading from the beginning. Love your work and love the love you show for your family. You are an inspiration.