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25 May 2010

So, anyway

Blimey - yesterday was mad. It really was. Without going into too much detail I had to cancel the video shoot with my fave magazine EVER and get back to Wigan as fast as speed limits would allow (ok, my foot slipped on the accelerator on occasions.......felt like the car might break up as if entering the earths atmosphere at times) Needless to say all is well but I will be going back to Colchester for that crazy video shoot with a very understanding Kate Hemmings (my fave sub editor in the world - mwah!). Also want to add that this months issue features some motifs that I have designed for them and there is a competition for you to name the characters - buy the mag and read more :)

So, anyway, I'm home now :) Its Tuesday and I'm not unpacked properly. Ive abandoned all my craft supplies in the utility room and I am catching up with orders from the show on Friday (which was a great giggle with Leonie - as ever). I'm taking it easy as this week is pretty much more sedate than last week. I do have photos to process from photo shoots at Scrapamia (possible the best retreat I have ever taken part in) and I also have my 5th CD to get cracking with but other than that, this week is pretty calm even though Mark has left us to fend for ourselves **cry, cry**

Talking of Scrapamia, Claire (the organiser) sent all the teachers a Donna Downey apron to makeover. Well my first one was a disaster sending me into a blind panic to decorate the second one at the eleventh hour at my friends, Rosie's, on Friday night (kisses to you Rosie xx). Rosie helped me stitch on the flowers and she actually dragged her sewing machine down the stairs at midnight to sew on my frill. I loved the result which, when you look close, seems like my Eddy is cut in half and that his blood and guts is spelling my name! BwahahahahahaOooh meant to add, I went over to one of my dearest crafting freinds over at Clever Cut on friday to see Ali and Pauls AMAZING new warehouse/shop/workshop - you HAVE to go and see how gorgeous it is. I hate that they live so far away for me to go and drool over it daily.

So back to the present..........
Today I spoke with one of the co-owners at Tonic Studios, Simon. Its such an honour to be able to discuss product design with them which, if you can hang fire, you will see something on shop shelves that Im involved in **insert scream here** Im not sure if you know but Tonic Studios (of whom Tim Holtz in the US endorses a line of their products) is a British company. They do the design work and product testing here although they do have their products made in the far east. Ive been sent a wide range of products to trial and work with and they do sponsor me with product for demos and events too. Its a very fortunate position and one I am delighted to be involved in **insert another scream here**. All I can say is that there are some excruciatingly craft tingling products about to hit the craft market so bear with them!

Which leads me to this card I made using one of their amazing border punches. I love their border systems (see pic below) which are fantastic to use as borders or stand alone punches giving you double the option as opposed to standard border punches from their competitors. Their edger punches also co-ordinate with accent punches giving you a thousand different looks (truly, its so inspiring).

Im going to be hard pushed to use that card - may keep it in my clutches forever.
**ps: the hello stamp is from Banana Frog - I love those circle greetings, Bev**

Ok, Ive got a film to watch, Precious, and I believe tissues are needed (might have to use the dog's tail if I run out!)

Loves xx


Sue said...

OMG!!! What a long post:) Should think you are exhausted after your hectic week. Hope all goes smoothly this week for you.

Loving the apron and the card.

hope you enjoyed the film and you haven't got puffy eyes from the crying.

Fiona said...

Phew, the sound of your weekend makes me feel quite exhausted. Love what you did with the apron and the card is ace too. How did you cut out that bird?
Take it easy this week.

Fiona x

Angela Weimer said...

Wow! what a crazy week you seemd to have had so far. Hope the rest goes well. Beautiful card and Apron. I love the punches, We bought Belle a set for Christmas this past year. Can't wait to see what you and Tonic are collaborating on. Enjoy the rest of the week. Angela

JO SOWERBY said...

i loved ur apron on sunday kirsty, and it's brill to see it blogged. ur doggie is well cute as a floral applique!!!!!
hope all is well back home.
Jo xxxx

Andie said...

Stunning card KW keep up the good work (even when you're nick nacked)

Cheryl said...

love the apron and that card is gorgeous x