Ladies Camera Club

25 May 2010

Scrapamia girls......

Are you one of the girls who had their photos taken? Can you email me HERE as I have a new location for your photos.

PS: Looooong day today. Eventful and mad dash from south to north on a mission of nursey momma. Will tell all soonest.

Wow - big post, huh? ;)


Anonymous said...

Hope alls well.
Love to the curliest of girls..
Lulubelle x

Sue said...

Hope you are having a less hectic time.

Sue Ramsay said...

Hope all is okay Kirsty, worried here, take care xxx

Anne said...

Thanks so much for the link to my photos. I am really pleased with them. Everyone I have shown them to think you are a brilliant photographer and have got shots of me looking natural in a sweet way.