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3 May 2010

Phewy lewey

Its been a looooooooong time since I neglected my blogaroo. Its that bad that I have even had emails from regular readers inquiring if I am ok and when will I update it for them. The pressure is on!

Well as you may have been bored to death by me telling you last week, I was on air again on Saturday with the launch of my new CD. I had no idea it was going to be that responsive. Its so hard to tell, it really is. Even though my mum road tested one kit on her cardmaking classes and had thoroughly satisfied customers; its hard to gauge what is going to evolve or reveal in itself - in the world of cardmaking. After I had aired I travelled over to my friend Rosie's house for the night. She had picked Ellie up from the studio for me earlier in the day (kids are not allowed in the studio) and we had planned an overnight stay. Ellie was in her element as Rosie's daughter, Freya, has a lovely temperament and is so patient with my girl. I can't think of the last time I went to someones house and was made to feel so welcome. We had planned to go home on Sunday afternoon but I was struck down by the most horrendous migraine. I actually had one the night before but it was only a little one. Maybe that was prelude to the almighty whopper of a killer migraine I suffered on Sunday.

Side note:
Id love to know how many of you suffer with migraines and how you start with them. Mine start off with white and yellow dots floating in my vision then I get waves and ripples of prismatic shapes that pulsate towards the centre of my vision and then BANG - headache from hell that only a dark room and sleep can ease it. Coffee used to be my trigger but I had only drank 2 caffeine free coffees that day. Whatever triggered it, id love to know so I can PROMISE myself that it will never ever happen again EVER. :( .......cry cry, I really do panic when one starts and i pray like hell, after that whatever medication I take, will get rid of it.

So all afternoon, on Sunday, I lay in a dark room in Rosies house feeling quite sorry for myself. She took Ellie in her care whilst I tried to get rid of the nauseating pain. I think Id had 4 hours sleep when I woke up to no prisms in my eyes - that's a good sign. But the ache had moved from my temples to round the back of my right eye and a dull ache throbbed from behind it. Rosie insisted I stayed an extra night and I did consider it until I felt much better at about 8pm and decided after a late tea that we would travel home at 10pm. I have had such a lovely weekend with Rosie and her adorable family - thank you Rosie.

So I gets home to a pile and I mean a pile of orders from my website. To say that I am overwhelmed is an understatement. So Mark and I ploughed through everything today so that I can be stress free this week to catch up on work for Promarkers new secret undercover testing (LOL!) and some work for Tonic Studios. I also have a video shoot to prepare for with a Craft Robo lite for one of my favourite magazines. The whole video shoot thing has me in stitches because I keep thinking Im going to do a lady gaga style video and wear excruciatingly hideous outfits whilst demonstrating it.

Last but not least, keep your eyes peeled for all the cards that featured on Saturdays show so you can gather some inspiration from all of the girls who made the most amazing effort to make them for me. Without each and everyone of them my show would have been dreadful and i truly owe my heart to them for the beautiful work they gave me to share with viewers. Each girl has a unique sense of style that i find is important to share with many other crafters so as not to pigeon hole a style or creation - they really do add their own personal style to the mix and makes me feel immensely humble that they are willing to take some time out of their family/everyday life just for my CD's. I get a real kick out of showing their cards off for them, I really do. So a drumroll for the ladies involved and a moulin rouge of a showcase from each of them will appear here tomorrow.

Finally - my Midnight Rooster kit arrived today. I have salivated over it so much that its currently line drying through the night so that I might even get to salivate over it again. Im excited about this kit company..... you most certainly will be too :)


KarenB said...

You juggle so much, I don't know how you do it!! Congrats on the success of the CD.

Migraines... ugh... I get them and I always want to die :( Wouldn't wish that feeling on my worst enemy. Trigger for me is *usually* dehydration - I need to keep up water or they will start - and skipping a meal can do it too. Or sometimes they just come out of nowhere with no warning. Most times I feel it starting - usually a dull ache behind my eyes, or seeing black spots. If I catch it early I can do a pre-emptive strike with strong pain meds and retreat to sleep. If I miss the signs and it escalates then no amount of pills will help and I need to get a pethidine shot to stop the vomiting and help me sleep.
Hope you're feeling better soon xx

Leah said...

I too get the strange prism shapes.. it usually starts with a very small area sort of going out of I could be reading a word and not see a couple of the letters..just sort of a white blurry space. Then within a few minutes the pulsating prism shapes start. They start out small and grow to where I can't see well at all. That always last right around half an hour and then completely goes away, and then BAM .. headache begins! As far as I can tell, mine are usually triggered by lack of sleep.
Feel better soon!

Sue said...

What a fab friend you have in Rosie.

Well done on the success of the CD. Hope you aren't too overwhelemed by the orders.

I also get migraines. Luckily I rarely get the actual pain. Mine start with a stiff neck and I feel like the back of my neck is going into spasms. I can often feel sick, and suffer vertigo. I am light, smell and sound sensitive and often feel very hyper before an attack. I take Sanomigran liquid, which is a preventative, but they still get through sometimes.

When I feel my neck starting I use a Tens and/or a wheatgerm filled bag that I've warmed in the microwave.

The Migraine Action forum is a fab place for advice and support.

Kate said...

Glad to hear of the galatic success of your CD!

My migraines are triggered by light and knowing the cause means I rarely get one a year now. If the sun catches my eyes I have a blurred patch in the centre of my vision that I sort of peer around. It lowly spreads out across my eyes until am unable to see. I get quite panicy when they start knowing I am going to be blind! The headache follows. My cure is simple - I have sunglasses with me at all times 365 days a year and if the sun comes out I pop them on.

Hope you can narrow done a cause for yours XX Kate

Cheryl O'Brien said...

migraines... yuk, yuk, yuk. mine are caused by hormones! i was getting them every month before or after a period. now i have regular accupucture to keep them under control. no vision disturbunce. any headache can turn into a migraine if i don't take tablets quickly. doctors were no help for me. goog luck with finding something to help with yours.

Jo said...

Great news about the CD Kirsty.. well done you! I didn't get to see the show, but hopefully there'll be a catch up for me to tune into.

As for migraines.. I get these quite often. I am prescribed Voltarol which keeps them at bay if I take it as soon as they start.

I used to have the prisms, but not had them for a while. For me, it's just the feeling sick to the bottom of my stomach and a bit of a grumble in my head. If it doesn't go with paracetamol, then I know I'm onto a loser!

If it's a bad one which knocks me off my feet, then I suffer usually for around two to three days after with just feeling totally spaced out and drained.

If these are consistant, then take a trip to the GP. There is medication out there to help, voltarol has been my life saver!

Nothing tends to bring them on, they just appear.

Fiona said...

Sorry Kirsty, no migraine advice as thankfully I've never had one. They sound absolutely ghastly, hope you are feeling better now.
So pleased your CD was a rip-roaring success, I watched the show and thought it was so lovely of you to roll call all your design team. Never seen anyone do that before.

Cambiel said...

Ohh well done on the CD Kirsty! I cannot wait to see the cards your DT made. Sadly I missed the show. Was it on Create & Craft? I no longer get that channel since I switched from Sky to Virgin.

Hope your migraines stay away. My OH gets them and they knock him for six! He gets a "light show" warning, and loses the vision in each eye consecutively as the lights move across. Currently awaiting tests as it may be caused by a heart problem. Keep your fingers crossed for him.

Chris xx

Rach said...

My sympathy with the migraine. I get one a month on the same day each month it starts at about 2.30 in the morning and always goes by 7.30pm the same day, the next day I just have a normal headache. Doesn't matter what I do during the day I can't get rid of it but I can ease it slightly by taking Paramol tablets as soon as I get up. I also get them the day after I eat Indian food but only from a restaurant not from a supermarket or homemade all I can think is that they use a combination of spices that sets it off.
I'm black spots and the pain is always behind my left eye and on the left side of my head, I@m usually sick but not always.
My 14 year old suffers too as far as we can tell he gets them when he's not had enough sleep, he get's tooth ache to start with then the headache comes and then he throws up before sleeping for a few hours to wake up fine.

Off to go and look up your CD now as I missed the show on Saturday

Bobs said...

I've been getting migraines since I was 11 years old. I'm 53 now and still getting them :-(
Mine start with a pinkprick of blindness in one eye, which slowly grows and changes to the multi-coloured prismatic lights that flicker and shimmer. This grows to an arc which eventually disappears out of my vision. This can take around half an hour and in some ways is, for me, almost the worst part of the migraine. A few minutes after they disappear, the headache powers in. Always, always on the other side of my head to where the flickering lights were.
I wasn't aware until a few years ago, that if you take medication of any kind for your migraines (whether it be prescribed or over the counter, or just painkillers) you MUST take them BEFORE the headache starts. This is because a migraine doesn't just affect the head. The body kind of shuts down for a few hours and that includes the digestive system. So if you take meds after the headache begins, they will not be absorbed and will be useless.

I take Imigran, along with strong painkiller, as soon as I see the first signs of one coming on. I have to say that Imigran do stop the worst of the pain, but the side-effects of them are not for the faint-hearted .... literally.

My trigger is cheese and as such, I haven't eaten cheese deliberately since I was 11. However, I still get them with no discernable trigger. A few years ago, I began getting them in clusters of 8 or nine per week! Thankfully, that seems to have stopped now.

Hope you don't get another bad one, Kirsty.

Rae said...

poor you! Migraines suck, especially when you are away from home, no matter how lovely your host.
I started with them as a baby. It took 3 years of my mum fighting to get a diagnosis - I think no one wanted to suggest it because supposedly children don't get them or at least thats what they thought then. Because I was under 8 they couldn't give me any medication for it so over time we learnt what my triggers were (I have many!) and how to treat the symptoms, as if we didn't act quick it often ended in hospitalization for me back then! Many not-so-fond memories there!! ;)
it has meant as I have gotten older I can control it and when it does hit I can usually tell you exactly what I did wrong! I won't bore you with the finer details - you can let me know if you need them but there is already lots of good advice here. The biggest thing I would say is listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs and what you need to avoid. be kind to it :) hope you continue to feel better! Big hugs! xx

debbie (r61) said...

my migraines are related to time of the month hormones and can be known to last 3 or 4 days :( but if i can catch them early enough i'm ok, i start with a feeling of my eyes not quite catching up with the speed of my head as i turn then i start with a little circle in my right eye that grows, woe betide me if i ignore the circle and let it grow, so i take my meds and put my sunnies on and lie down, if i'm caught without my meds as an emergency stop gap measure i wet a facecloth with the hottest water i can stand and hold it to the effected side of my head, it helps relax the muscles and blood vessels there and can provide temporarry relief until i get my medication

Darcy said...

I have loads of triggers too, red wine, regular coffee, excess of chocolate, excess of cheese,lack of sleep, dehydration,sunlight and strong perfumes/aftershaves/cigarette smoke.

I used to get them regularly about twice a month, painkillers and then a couple of hours sleep and I would be ok. Then they changed to only once a month,the week before my period, and they were horrendous lasting 2-3 days.

They have now changed again, and I rarely get them, but when I do I have to go to bed, nothing else works, painkillers and sleep.

Mine all start with a dull ache behind my eyes and a nauseous feeling, then the worst pain always hits all of a sudden. I have been known to suddenly slump my head down on the chair arm and not be able to lift my head back up. If I get them afternoon/early eve there is no way I can eat as I will just throw up.

Years ago when they were really bad I used to slur my speech, almost like a stroke victim, it really was scary but thankfully I seem to have grown out of the worst.

Bettyann said...

Kristy congrats on the newest poor thing...sorry about those nasty glad Rosie was there for you and Ellie...great friend...Hope you find a way to contain those nasties....take care..Hugs and love to you..

Caroline and Jayne said...

Glad things are going well x
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Patricia8 said...

My husband has "painless" migraines - yes they do exist ... gets the "lights" and then he goes to lie down in a dark room and avoids pains, sometimes feels sick and always afterwards is exhausted.
HOWEVER ... his doctor told him to try taking Magnesium and the difference has been amazing. He takes l a day - 64 mg.