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19 May 2010

My barnet, my bonce, my syrup of figs

Dear Diary
You are now properly dated and I forgive you.
Love Me.

So what have I been up to today? Well, I went for Part Un of my re-blonding. Apparently I have to have part duex in 4 weeks to lift the rest of the colour back to how I had it previously. I am a LOT happier now I don't look like death warmed up. I can't tell you how much of a shock I got seeing myself morning after morning with dark hair after ten years being so much lighter. Every picture made me look ill. I know a lot of people seemed to like it but man, that was a lesson learned. Same lesson as Ill never have my hair cut short like I did back in 2006. Same lesson in that I shall never be tricked into licking the end of a battery when I was a kid. And going to stores in the RAF and asking for a Long Stand. With shorter hair I looked like a prisoner from cell bock H. You used to bring me roses........

Other than that I am gearing up for 1000 mile round trip around the Uk tomorrow night calling at Peterborough, Kettering, Southampton, Colchester and then back to Wigan. I really ought to make use of my broomstick but they don't come with trailers for all my bits and bats.

Until then dudes, its adios xx


Jude said...

Lovin' the blonde SO much more...sorry, don't know you that well but the blonde is best. You're just not a steam press kinda gal... xx

twinkletoe said...

I think you look good in all those photos!!

Sue said...

What a lovely lady you are. Love the hair.

Safe travelling.

Fiona said...

And when you start going grey, it's easier to disguise too. Take it from one that knows! (sob.)

lanniesmum said...

Much better as a blonde Kirsty-remember we have more FUN!

Lizzie said...

Ah, I remember a friend who had looong blonde hair for years... who decided to "go back to brown". Only hers was naturally v. light brown. And she went dark chocolate.
Her little girl got in the car after school and screamed! She said "Take it off Mummy!" because she thought it was a wig.
I thought it looked fab... but it was a huge change.
She was blonde again within the week... I think it suited her better, even though the chocolate was rather brilliant.
I did kind-of feel I had my old friend back - I should think she felt much the same!!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time on Friday...and a safe journey down to Soton...youre only gonna be 25 miles away from me,over in Havant...such a shame that you cant pop in to say hi (although I'll be so busy prepping for the sale,that I'd scream hello,then put my head back down on the table and cry!!!)
Love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Terrie B x said...

Love your blonde barnet!!!Do blondes really have more fun????:)x