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17 May 2010

A lovely evening

My favourite time of year is when Mark gets in from work and we can walk the dog wearing lighter clothing and enjoying the kind of light that winter never sheds. And as mid spring unfurls its magic, I see a different perspective of the Three Sisters park that we frequent through all seasons. I hate the bleak winter scenes it can offer and I hate the summer scene too (because of nasty horse flies that bite chunks from your arms and legs) But autumn and spring make me fall in love with walking all over again.

I cant help but take pics of lovely little sights that fill me with happiness even though I had a horrible, horrible morning and possibly a crappier afternoon. But come 5.30pm and the turn of the lock, the whine of the pooch, the smile of a child and the relief of a wife - well, that all soon melted away.

Enjoy my walk with me.

Hundreds of dandelion clocks...... you can't help but pick and blow them

My boys

Beautiful 197o's light - i don't know why it reminds me of the 70's, i can barely remember them ;)

I had no idea that Horse Chestnut trees had such beautiful blossoms

I love having my face dappled in light from big leafy trees

My god, I can't believe I get excited about fern. They are so majestic

Lightly shaded blue and white bells......simple and elegant

Little nooks and crannies that keep our walks interesting

Various shades of green combined with sunlight make for a myriad of spectacular tones

Long and leafy pathways drenched in a wonderful glow

The sun is forecast for a few more days so make hay..............


Tracy said...

Beautiful photography.
I want to go for an evening walk right now.

Paper Paradise said...

Oh Natures Beauty!!!!!! x

Sue said...

Lovely photos and a fabby place to walk.

hello gorgeous said...

LUSH photos hon, wish i cudda come on that walk with ya! Dandilion clocks are invading us this year, they are EVERYWHERE...and not just one or two, I'm talking FULL coverage....why's that?

have a fab day today {better than yesterday at least}


hello gorgeous xxx

Fiona said...

Stunning photography Kirsty. I agree with the last comment, there are an abundance of dandelions this year. My mum says it's because of the harsh winter and it's also why the blossom is so good this spring.


Pat said...

Beautiful photos, aren't we so lucky in this country :)

Sarah xx said...

Stunning photos Kirsty, how lucky you are to have such beautiful places to walk with such great company! xx

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Thanks for that Kirsty I enjoyed that - your photos are stunning - I'm interested in photography (but don't look at the photos on my blog! - as I've got a LOT to learn! - roll on photo course in July!) But I love looking at the different perspectives, light and focus point of your photos - just brill!


Sandie said...

Lovely photos. I want to walk in those trees right this minute. It's so so pretty! I love the pattern of sunlight, and how the path feels so cosy and close.

Sunshine and Shadows said...

Your park is beautiful. I would love to be there.

Deborah said...

Gorgeous photos, as always.

mumtomanyuk said...

Lovely photos Kirsty.

Bye the way there is a saying that
'If you remember the 70's then you wern't there!!'

Wigan is a lovely place to live in the countryside is only a few minutes away in any direction.