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7 May 2010

Im such a fake promiser

Today has been eventful in many many ways.
Not in the "I promised you 90 projects from the TV show last Saturday" for today kind of eventful. Although I have re-opened my Patti blog ( you can put yourself in for a chance to win all three CD's - wooooooooot!) to showcase that work and I uberly promise that the whole shebang will be on there tomorrow.
Aaaaaaah, tomorrow.
As I write it looks like we will be under a new government and I fear for our immediate financial future. Having endured a conservative rule in my younger years and seeing how it affected the welfare of our family ie mum, dad etc (financially) really does concern me. Mark and I bought our house 6 years ago in the housing market boom coupled with bargain interests rates. When the interests go up to the whopping 15%,that the Tories will inevitably raise it to - we are screwed. Serious. Pah, politics? Its such a minefield so Ill leave it there. But what I will say is that I think this country would fair better under a proportional representation..... just saying.

So whilst I have no real time to upload 90 photos, I can manage with just three of the rest of my Midnight Rooster sneaks

If you are at a loose end this weekend in the Harrogate area, come to the Mad Hatters Tea Party at Art from The Heart studios. Cake, Tea, hearts and demos are a-plenty on both Sat and Sun. Im demoing something very "Dyan" Im sure whilst wearing a ridiculously funny hat as part of the fun.
Please come if only for cake!


Bettyann said...

Bah..conservatives..we have a minority conservative gov't..oh well...I'm coming to the party on Sat..or wait I can't drive there..oops..the volcano is erupting again..greece is going under..wait I can swim..well it was a good idea at the time.. have fun on Sat/Sun...cheers...

Sue said...

Kirsty, I totally agree about the Conservatives. I was so annoyed when the Labour bloke for here (he actually lives in Leicester and I'm Norfolk) made a comment about Brown. Now he is entitled to his opinion, but not a few days for an election. He should have kept his mouth shut till after Thursday. Feel my vote was wasted due to this stupid man.

Love the Los. so colourful.

hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous, loving the sneak peaks, colours are fab!

have fun demo-ing!


hello gorgeous xxx

Belinda said...

Hi Kirsty
Being a few years older than you, I have horrible memories of the last Conservative government! Poll tax and high interest rates all resulted in my home bought in 1988 being repossessed (that and a prat for a now ex-husband!!) I am still paying that debt today!
I am holding my breath as to what comes next! Must admit though I think the quicksand this country has been sinking into wouldn't have disappeared anytime soon even with the status quo maintained!!
Love the LO's and got my CD yesterday it's FAB! And my email got picked out of the spotty cup on C&C so I have your lovely little treat holder made from the ovals, it is very cute, thanks!
The state of the country is pah! but my craft space is all Kirsty'd so I'm a happy camper! x

Sandie said...

I'm sorry you are going through such turmoil. We are in the same boat over here and I know the worry that comes with the fat cats hitting the little guys for the big guy's mistakes. We made nothing from the economic 'boom' yet now we are being hit with pay cut after pay cut and taxes added to our taxes while our Gov't bail out their good buddies in the corrupt banking system... blah and double blah!!

I hope for your sake and the sake of you all over there that things do not go back to the way it was under the Conservatives last time. I've been reading up today and they were not good times.

On a brighter note, LOVE the sneak peeks!! Can't wait to see the whole thing. Have a blast on Sat and Sun!

BTW.. got my tags today.. they are all fantabulous!! Thanks so much for arranging the swap.