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31 May 2010

I like ice cream so much that.......

I like ice cream so much that I "om nom nom" it like a 2 year old.Of course, I was playing around and not being SERIOUS when I took this pic but on the way home from a walk on the beach tonight, I allowed myself to be a child and scare everyone we passed in the car. Im certain that people rang the police immediately and reported our number plate. For that reason I'm currently hiding under the bed on my laptop just in case we get a knock on the door from the feds. There is a toe nail under here - what??!!!!

Our beach walk was good for us tonight. Our new favourite time is to go at 4 oclock, perfect when you consider when its the time when people come the traffic is stacked up in the opposite direction. Belle had a blast on the beach playing with her bestest friend, the pooch. Her hair was especially curly today, I couldn't help but scrunch those curls in my hands.

I do love watching these two interact.
I also get to walk behind Mark surveying that awesome little peach too ;)
A v. v. rare pic of Mark and I together (I do wish I had longer arms for these kind of shots!)

And whilst we rested for a while, she took my sunglasses from me to shade her watery eyes from the sudden outburst of the sun and I caught her her from a new angle and am in love with that girl of mine again. Of course I say this everyday; she is my sweet peachy pie.

And that little sticky out vein on her neck just dying to be snuggled

Sad to see discarded buckets and spades, though :(

Ive got sneaks of the Midnight Rooster kit, about to launch their second kit from their newness. Its such a generous kit with so many personal touches. I have made a record 8 layouts, 2 cards and a wall hanging with bits left to make at least another two layouts. I'm sorry but when I'm sent a kit, I use it all until there are only Z,s, V's and X's left on the alpha sheets (let alone those pesky numbers!) plus tid bits that I can't possibly fashion into anything else from paper.

Finally - Celine Navarro?
Oh I do love this girl.
I had the greatest pleasure meeting her in Italy two months ago - she makes me howl with laughter (you know the kind of laughter that makes you hurt?) Her sense of humour is beyond explanation. She really tickles me with her bold expression and style. She is not afraid of anything in the craft world and really makes some of the cleverest projects. She has asked me to post this on my blog because she identifies with us Footy widows (well, Ok.....I will wave the flag for En-ger-land but I'm not obsessed with it). To soften the "who is my husband during this ridiculous furore" blow, she has come to the rescue of the footy widows and is offering them something to heal their pain. Come and look at this course she has planned for you - I'm definitely having a go!


Sue said...

Loving your photos (nice rear:)). I adore ice cream, especially Ben & Jerrys. Also tried a Bounty ice cream and the coconut Magnum.......yummy:)

Fabby creations. You are so talented. wish I had your imagination and flare.

Anonymous said...

deserted beaches......yum!
trouble is,down here,the beaches are crapola!!!!!!!!!! Give me a windy,freezing,deserted beach up in Northumberland any day-at least there's sand there!
Good luck for tomorrow, Kusty...gotta go to silly old work, but will be wishing I was lying on the couch,watching you!
Love to the Curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Lulubelle said...

Fed up of being an anonymous blog lurker-got me a lil Google account in your honour!
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Bettyann said...

love any kind of ice cream..have my very own ice cream machine at home, when you ever come to the west coast I'll make a big batch of your fav creamy ice cream..take care..

Terrie B x said...

Gorgeous photo`s..
Did you make Mark lick all that ice-cream off before you took that photo!!!lol...:)x

Patricia8 said...

you need to check this website out ... - I bought a couple last xmas - great fun ... you'd have no problem getting both of you into the picture with this.