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18 May 2010

Dear Diary - you lie

Dear Diary
I rely on you so much, you are the very thing that keeps my life in check. I write in you as I reserve specific dates for specific things. The days roll by and I adhere to your itinerary. I go places, I fulfill my commitments, I come home and cross the days off. I even blog about those dates and events. Without you I don't think I could possibly function.

But today you let me down. And today I discovered that diaries lie. Huge, whopping stinkers. Lies so huge that you wouldn't think that a lie like that could exist - ever ever ever.

So, how did I discover this?

As I was checking Facebook updates this morn (whilst Belle was dressing for school) I noticed that Jane had posted some pics relating a scrapbook event that we are teaching at in Southampton. I noticed she had written the words ".........for the Scrap-a-Mia event, this weekend". So sure of my diary, I posted "Isn't it next weekend?" and I stopped dead. I panicked, googled and googled (as you do) and discovered "holy bum fluff, it is this weekend".

So I looked at my diary again and I looked at the dates on the Scrap a Mia website and noticed that my diary was indeed LYING to me. I spanked its bottom and sent it to bed with no supper and threw a right hissy fit in the middle of my kitchen. And the stark light of day dawned upon me and I realised that the teaching event was really and truly this weekend.

**insert excruciatingly loud scream here**

Fortch that I had done my class, fortch that I had made my apron and fortch that I had hotel details in which I could book my accommodation. So now along with TV duties on Friday in Peterborough and video shoots with Crafts Beautiful in Colchester on Monday - I am in for a veeeeeeeeeeery long weekend living out of a case and finickity fanackity faffs with travel size shampoos and creased clothes.

And ok, my diary didn't lie, I just put the event in the wrong place but if it wasn't for Jane, I'd not of been there! Thanks, Jane :) Still having palpitations, mind!

Couldn't resist popping these pics on from the weekend. Mum, belle and I went to Liverpool to sample the 5 floor layout of Primark. Primark is where I buy all Ellies pjs and socks. They wash perfectly and suit my current budget. I loves that shop, its gets us out of all sorts of pickles for emergencies. After bagging a few bargain dressing gowns and blankets, we hopped into the streets for a coffee. Even though it was a lovely day, in the shade it was freezing so we decided to pull out our bargain blankets (£2 each!!!) and wrapped up whilst savouring our cuppas.
I didn't care less for anyone giving us weirdo-freaky looks (espesh from girls wearing nothing but belts for skirts and stringlets for tops over their chillblains!!!) 'cos we were cosy and toasty and happy!


Max said...

Oh Kirsty - no wonder you panicked. What a wicked naughty diary presenting you with the wrong page!
Mine does that all the time and I eventually had to threaten it with a severe 'ripping' for it to finally behave LOL!
Looking on the positive side - at least you found out BEFORE the event - imagine the horror if you received a phone call on Saturday morning from distraught Scrap-a-Mia mates wondering where you were? MEGA-EEK!
I'm sure you will cope admirably and enjoy a fabulous, if exhausting, weekend. Look forward to reading all about it.


JO SOWERBY said...

ooh kirsty i just had a shock when i read this as i am so excited to be going to scrapamia this weekend and meeting u in the flesh. shame on ur naughty diary for causing u such angst and for scaring a fna. send it to coventry and dont feed it for a week.
glad u realised it WAS this weekend though as I am sure, if tired we will have a fabulous time together. i am sure we fellow scrapamia attendees will give u lots of coffee, love and food to keep u awake and happy.
look forward to seeing u ther,
Jo xxx

Marie said...

You can't beat a nice bit of Primarni shopping. I just wish they'd open on in St Helens and put me out of my misery!!!

Eeek on the diary mishap! Hopefully it's learnt its lesson for next time though.


Sue said...

Loving the pink blankets:) Nice pics of your mum with Belle.

Glad you got your weekend sorted. hope despite the initial panic it all goes well.

Safe journeys.

Sharon said...

Hi Kirsty - I'm glad you realised you were coming to Scrap a Mia as I'm going too and looking forward to meeting you. How pink are those blankets - lovely!! Sharon X

Kate said...

Yeah, and thank goodness for Jane.
Looking forward to seeing you and having a fun weekend.

** Kate **

Jenny said...

Oh no, it's that pit in the bottom of your stomach feeling! Hope you get everything done in time, that is a long working weekend! x

sparklygirl-Tina said...

OMG that must have been horrible Kirsty - thankfully you are organised by sound of it and already had your bits ready - so it could have been worse! Ooohhh you are near my neck of the woods on Monday.......... don't suppose...... no I can't ask its too cheeky! but if you fancied a coffee you could pop by!!!


Fiona said...

I had a similar feeling yesterday when my mate emailed and said 'are we still on for lunch on Thursday?' OMG, nothing on my calendar at all!

5 floors of Primani, how ace. I got me some bargains today at Matalan.
Have fun at the w/e.

Rachel said...

Gah - I hate those sorts f events. I have a link you might enjoy though - watch the birdie

Anonymous said...

serves you right for being fully booked when I was prepared to take another mortgage out to come see you guys in Soton!!!!!! hahaha...
Good luck on Fri...I'll be watching...prepare to cook your lil Northern gills out in Soton this weekend....its bliddy hot down here!!
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Anonymous said...

ps ... holy bum fluff? absobloodylutely GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!

Lulubelle x