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12 May 2010

Best. Things. Ever

My posture is pretty much screwed as I sit most of the day, beavering away on my Mac. I stand to scrap/make projects but the desk is not set at the right height for that, so consequently my back suffers. Ive promised myself some extra me time with the dog and walkies - so the most perfect accompaniment came by the way of these. They are Skechers "shape up's" which improve your posture and tone up your legs as you walk and I swear to god they work. My glutes are feeling tres tender this a.m. and the top of my spine is aching meaning that it does what it says on the tin.

Not the cheapest at £85 a pair but seeing as I have spent diddly squat on clothes for a couple of months, I felt justified! They give me heightage too, which is good for a small bag of puddings like me at five foot three. Which reminds me, whenever people meet me for the first time they always say "oooh you are a lot smaller than Id imagined" (smaller and wider is what they really think ;))

So off I shop for ribbons this morning in them and give my glutes more of a battering and then onto tonight at the gym where the treadmill will groan under the strain of my new found zeal for walking!


Kirsti said...

Do they work on your butt too Kirsty...cos mine is defo gettin bigger by the day (or maybe even the xox

Kirsteen said...

I keep stopping by their stand in my local Sketchers shop, maybe I'll move to trying a pair on next time I'm in ;) xx

Sue said...

Kirsty, I've seen these advertised on the TV. If they help you, then they are worth the money.

Emma said...

I'll tell you this - they look a lot nicer than those flip flops!!

Anonymous said...

are they not like walking on rocky horses?????
me likes my gorge flowery red sketchers(thank you mam for my fab xmas box...)but am always willing to bow down to the altar of sketchers..Xtina wears them,you know..?
not sure i'd like my ass to get bigger than it already is...oooh!
big rocking love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Darcy said...

ooo I need new trainers, keep me posted. If they work I may have to have a pair.

twinkletoe said...

I bought mine 6 weeks ago. This week I bought my 2nd pair so I can keep a pair at work and not have to carry them home each day. I just love them!! Its like walking on marshmallows!!