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13 May 2010

Baby staying put!

Gah - its over 24 hours since SIL's waters broke and there is no sign of lil bubs. They were booked in to be induced tonight but 3 cesareans (smash and grabs, as Kerry calls them) took priority so things ain't moving yet. Im too excited for words about his arrival.

In the mean time (and only if you are a big sap like me) check out this website here. **chokes back tears**

Its beautiful.


Bettyann said...

keeping my fingers and toes daughter goes in on saturday...oh happy days kristy new life...take cae sweetie..

Bettyann said...
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Sue said...

The little fella is obviously comfortable where he is:)

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Awww, thinking of you all! We had the same trouble with my daughter 8 weeks ago...George just didn't want to come out and play!! Water, but no contractions! Mind you, at 10lb 11ozs he'd really outstayed his welcome!! lol