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11 May 2010

7 Lo's

oooh I feel such pride in my "7 layout productivity" because Im so behind with my scrapping. Thanks to being back on a kit DT again, I can serve 2 purposes to my passion and that is to make layouts to show off Midnight Roosters kits to potential buyers/current subscribers and also fill my albums up again.

The response to the kit blew the site and subsequently they discovered a cart issue. Unforeseen and totally disappointing for all the customers.... BUT! Its on the mend (HERE) and its worth the wait! I double promise you that.

He rules the roost. You see that bunting? That was machine stitched and appear in the kit. Im loving all this home stitching from the Midnight Rooster girls. The stamp and the die cut rooster were a special touch at the launch!

First Walk - my god, look how tiny my boy is!

This makes me happy - it does, my girl hugging her friend, Freya


Fuzzy - this is how she makes me feel inside. You see the Bingo card? Again, stitched from the Midnight Rooster Girls!

Delicate - totally rocking out the sheet of alphas by turning a I into a T and a j into an i. Gotte be inventive on a pack of alphas and 7 layouts!

Bored - look at my boys yawn!

I even got Junes kit today. That is so quick for a kit to come this previous! Plus, with it being early I get more time to see what else I can come with, with this adorable kit.

I can't finish this post on this day without having a little say on today's political shenanigans. All I can say is that I hope we don't go through what Greece are going through, that the interest rates stay sober and that we don't dive into a recession again. Tory rules dictate that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Im very frightened about these next few months if not the next year. Having lived though both Conservative and Labour, I know which one I fared under, better. Tories do not look out for the working class, except rob from him and make him toil twice as hard for his bread and butter.
Please don't forget that the state of the country was dictated by a global economy meltdown and not due to the Labour government. I realise things could have been handled differently but they were not dealt with harshly. Stupidly, this country entered into the EU but gratefully we have not signed for the Euro - people should also remember that we are also dictated by the EU and our economy is suffering because of that too - this countries hands have been tied very hard over that.
Either way, whoever got in office from the recent election was always going to have a big job ahead of him but we don't want to suffer with ridiculously large changes that we can't handle. I'm hoping that policies are addressed carefully and that cuts are made sensibly and not cut totally. I also strongly believe this country needs to put Great back into Britain which means investing in our own produce and giving jobs to our own folk. If we could place an embargo on imports for one year; did you know we could wipe off our countries debt by doing that? Hmmm, perhaps I should run for local election, what do you think?
Ok, rant over. I need to go and sleep this whole debacle off.


Terrie B x said...

Your LO`S are `gorgeous` I love all those fab photo`s and colour tones..TFS:)
Have a better Wednesday :)xxx

Kate said...

Beautiful LOs, love how the little black and white girlie prints go so well on the Ellie LOs. Can't wait to see you at Scrap-a-mia and sit your class !!!!

** Kate **

Sue said...

Love all your scrummy LOs. Your little dog is adorable.

Anonymous said...

intersting comments.... labour increased the size of the natiopnal debt to previously unheard of levels. the cost of borrowing to support those that always say 'i want' or 'what i'm entitles to' is what we have been left by a man we never elected as pm.
and the imbargo.. just what do you imagine we will be able to survive on... we dont produce anything as a counrty. we have to import coal to keep the unwashed masses in their centrally heated homes.. if there is nothing to buy ion the shops from abroad, the ecomomy will falter. the suppliers will look elsewhere for their sales and we will loose their produce or buisness and that will hurt uk supply...
nothing is as simple as that.. however you try to sugarcoat it or simplify it...

Kirsty Wiseman said...

^^^^^ you are entitled to your opinion but I sugar coat nothing.

National debt is still trailing after the debt from tory rule in 1997 and is still set to go 800 billion in to the red until 2014 (at least). tories aint going to wipe it off in the near future whatsoever.
Remember - Global issue

PS: You really dont have to be anonymous

Kirsti said...

O love love love the 7 LOs - I wish I could just turn out a LO just like that...I take far too long pondering and wondering(oh and blog hopping) to get anything done with any speed!!! They are so beautiful...xox

Kirsteen said...

All 7 all lovely yummy as are your little one and your furry one :)

Sarah xx said...

Kirsty I love seeing your layouts - more often please not just sneaky peaks!!! They are all fabby but gotta love the Eddy ones the most - he is just so small n cute n adorable! I wants him!!
As for the anonymous commentator - how sad that they can't say who they are - bloomin' coward!! All hoity toity in their comments - bog off I say - this is a super crafty waffly blog where You can say what you want - if they want a political debate go to BBC2!!!
Hummpph! xx

Angela Weimer said...

Kirsty, Your layouts are beautiful. I especially love the ones with your puppy. So adorable. It was nice meeting you at Dyans on Sunday. thanks for sharing. Angela

Deborah said...

The products, and your work with them, are gorgeous. Can't afford them, though. :-( Love the Eddy As A Weeny Baby pics. Just when we thought he couldn't get any cuter...!