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19 Apr 2010

Was it really fresh air?

Who knows what we are breathing in the fury of choking ash destroying our airspace right now but a trip to the coast was called for late yesterday afternoon anyway. There was a slight haze overhead but no billowing plumes of volcanic spew were to been seen. Its such a thrill to get to the beach to recharge the ole batteries. The dog goes bananas as we approach the seaside (they can sure smell it and he knows he is in for a treat when we do!). We like to treat Ellie to that sting of an onshore breeze on her cheeks to give her a glow that delights my heart.

Under the pier provided my little vampire some respite from the sun (she is photophobic, if you didn't already know)

This new bridge at Southport is gorgeous

Along the pier lay these beautiful lights in a neat row of angular delight

See what I mean? They stretch for a mile....

Two of these gorgeous sculptures sit at the foot of the suspension of the bridge, here is one close up
Of course its nice to couple the walk with a visit to the arcades. Ellie loves the "two'penny shovers" and all we spent was £2.00. She sure makes those 2p's last I couldn't resist taking these pictures of her squandering 20p on the "roulette". Just look at those kissy wissy lippies. She melts my heart, that kid. I could consume her in one breath, she is that gorgeous to me.
How rare is it for me to get a picture of her looking at me with her eyes open in a photo? I feel most smug that I got this piccy!
After that we treated ourselves to fish and chips but I couldn't eat all mine as I've been watching my diet and they were greasy. Mark soon polished mine off and we set off back to the car to walk it all off. A little side step to the carousel at £1 a throw meant Ellie got an extra treat for the evening. Carousels, Merry-go-round or cock and horses.... whatever you call them, they are such a sea-sidey speciality.

Ellie chose to go on one of the two roostery chickens because, as she put it "Im different, I wanted to be different too". I think she was referring to the fact that most of us choose the horses to ride on. **blub**
We waited patiently as she spun around in the fading light. I couldn't help myself capture this on a slow shutter speed.

And he waited patiently too - my gorgeous little boy

We got back to the car and it was almost twilight - I so wanted to observe "the phenomenal sunset" that can be achieved when "ash" is smouldering the heavens. But it didn't really give off any spectacular solar sinkage.
We got back home to watch Britains Got Talent and enjoyed the highs and lows of the the preliminaries. Ellie and I love this programme so much, its a real cosy affair just curling up together after a slight windswept afternoon on the coast. Plus we both have a soft spot for Simon who, underneath that tough exterior, is as soft as muck.

How was your weekend?


Sue said...

Fab photos. Love the ones of Ellie concentrating on the penny machine.

Adore your little dog.

Marie said...

Gorgeous pics as always. We love Southport. It's fab to have such a treasure so close by. We could happily while away hours in the penny arcades and I've lost count of how many times the kids have been round that carousel! Glad you had a nice day.

JB said...

I love the seaside too! Could you do some seasidey images too Kirsty?? Would be great for the summer. Maybe a carousel decoupage sheet. Your C&C show was great, I saw it online. Best Wishes. Jane.

Eleanor said...

Well... if I'd known you were coming I'd have baked a cake.
I choose chicken over horse too; and the bridge still wows me, all year round.
Fab photos Kirsty, as always.
love Ellie

Bettyann said...

Fab pics...these are the days of which heart-memories are made..savor them...thanks for sharing a piece of your lovely day...

weewiccababe said...

Hi Kirsty, haven't visited you in ages - and have quickly realised I'd forgotten how stunning your pics and Belle are
love the one of Belle and the sunset

Debo said...

Stunning pics (as always)especially of Ellie! What a beauty!

Isn't it interesting how simple pleasures can be the most rewarding? I feel a trip to the seaside is calling me...

Terrie B x said...

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous all of it!!!!
Love the photo`s!!!! fabulous shapes ,Ilove the curves and sharp lines..
Belle is `Beautiful` TFI:)xxxxxx