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20 Apr 2010

Treats, Bumps and Cards

I don't know why I am using plural because effectively we only had one of each in the last 48 hours.

Treat: Was yumbly strawberries which will soon be in season here. At Crimbo they come from Egypt, after Crimbo they come from Tunisia then Morocco and now they are from Spain........ you can see how they move closer to home nearer June where I shall eat them everyday for next to nothing!

Bumps: was this lovely girls tummy harbouring my nephew to be (HURRY UP AND BE BORN, JJ). I can't wait to have that baby in my arms for lots of Auntie cuddles, piccies, toe nibbles and and all round Auntie smothering. Oooooh, I love babies so so much. Not many friends my age are not having them anymore so I need to go and make friends with a bunch of 20 years olds and force them to have babies for me to spoil!
Cards: Oh I do love making cards these days and this one accompanied a little treat for Debbie's new addition to her lovely family. I really felt the urge to go and buy something pink for her little lady, Evie

I made the card from scratch designing the paper and little bunny (Twitch, which will feature on my new Cd as of today!) on my mac and of course added some v v v trendy bunting. Im in love with making fun things for card making.

And LOOK!!!!!!!!A plane, a PLANE! Such a rare sight in these parts for the last week!


Anonymous said...

aw-love that bunting so much!!!!! you've clearly got too much time on your hands,girl! bwahahaha
lots of strawb love to the curlygirl xxxxxxxxx
Lulubelle x

redone said...

I love your card! Beautiful detail. Thanks for the inspiration.

Bettyann said...

awww you will make a great baby auntie..yummy toes and noses..My daughter is 28 days away from giving birth to my first grandbaby-little girl Madelynn...sigh.....take care..

Mobile said...

Great idea! Love seeing a creative mind work and gain success!!!!!! Hope it continues to grow!


Anonymous said...

I am crazy for that card you made! So cute...I hope I will have a cardmaking skill like yours.

Kirsti said...

I am not a big strawberrie fan...probably comes from stuffing my face with them when we were kids doing the slave labour thing in the fields picking them all summer for a pittance (mind you we thot we were rich at the time)...and I LOVE the bunting - its a fav of mine at the mo as well...xox

Sue said...

I love Strawbs. Seen some in the shops, but they don't usually have much flavour this early.

Fab card.

Hope you become an aunty soon.

Elaine said...

Looking forward to seeing you again on C&C.
I'm sure Debbie loved the card, ashamedly Evie's little pressie still hasn't been posted. It's on my Monday to-do list :)

Love & blessings