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12 Apr 2010

Those in peril on the sea

My Dad took part in a naming ceremony for the new inshore lifeboat at Bridlington on Saturday. I went along to take the official photos for the RNLI. I was really chuffed to get to see my parents dressed up to the nines for such a prestigious event and witness how a service provided purely by volunteers (and for free) can be such a priceless honour.
A local pub raised over 30,000 pounds to pay for a new inshore lifeboat. £30,000 for a super hi tech equipped dinghy with all the lifesaving dood-dahs you could need to save those in peril (and idiots, like the nigth before, who went wading in the sea under the influence and whom were stranded) is a lot of money for what is, in sum, a rubber dinghy!

My Dad is an executive on the Bridlington RNLI board and is responsible for authorising every launch. Having previously served over 24 years as a coastguard, he pretty much knows the ins and outs of emergencies at sea, so it was a fluid transition into his new role. Im dead proud of him, he makes me smile on the inside when I see him being relied upon in such a marvellous organisation. I think it suits him and its such a honour for him at the start of his full retirement from work - look....... !!

My lubbly momma
The naming ceremony included a brass band and fishermans choir plus the Vicar from the Priory Church blessed the boat to the hymm "Eternal Father, Strong to Save" known to all as "Those in peril on the sea" which had me in tears, its such am emotional song.

Did you know that all UK sea faring vehicles are supplied from the same company with a complimentary bottle of champagne to "christen" them? You just don't buy any champagne, its has to come from this particular company and forgot the name. However, as the boast is made of rubber, the champagne had to be poured on it rather than "smashed against"!

Inside the rescue centre

The crew - all of whom are volunteers and don't get paid a single penny for their heroism and bravery. The RNLI do not get funded by the government (can you believe that?) and so rely heavily on public funding. So the next time there is a ship in difficulty or someone has been swept out to sea; the recovery and life saving (costing thousands) comes from you and I!

The RNLI stems from the heroism of Grace Darling, whom hailed from Bamburgh, Co Durham in the mid 1800's. When I was a girl our school had a 4 day field trip to Bamburgh and we went to the Grace Darling museum. I distinctly remember the story because of the fact that she was a woman of whom was decorated for such bravery. When I was at school, it was always about the men being the heroes. Except Joan of Arc who got a 2 line mention and perhaps a small snippet of Boadicea. Oh and Amy Johnson put in an appearance (Ha! And she was born near Bridlington too!).

OK, Im done!
Oh and as you can see, it was a beautiful day which - given Bridlington's past naming ceremonies....was a first!


Bettyann said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely day about these fearless volunteers...good pics...lovely that your Dad is beginning his new career helping those in peril...take care and a have a great (((hugs))) week...

Suzy said...

The RNLI is such a worthy cause. I holiday a lot in Beadnell near Bamburgh (which is in Northumberland by the way) and often visit the lifeboat station at Seahouses. Its amazing how many idiots get trapped on the causeway to the Holy Island and have to be rescuded by those poor lifeboatmen

Sue said...

Fab photos.

Anonymous said...

I too find it difficult to believe that all funding comes from the general public. Mountain Rescue is another essential service that is entirely funded by donations. Crazy! Lovely photos. Your Dad looks very proud; he's part of a great service. Kudos to him. HeyJude! xx

Dawny P said...

Kirsty chick, what a lovely post. Having met your momma I can vouch for the fact that she IS lubbly jubbly and you must have felt like you'd swallowed the sun. Huggiest of hugs my love xxx

Beckie Dreyer said...

They are the best people the RNLI! I take my hats off to them. My two girlies are busy making cards to sell to support our local one! Fab pics too:)

thekathrynwheel said...

What a fabulous post. I too cannot believe that the RNLI does not get funding (also the air ambulance service). Shocking! Well done to your Dad :-))
Kate x

Linda said...

Beautiful photo's Kirsty, especially of your Mum and Dad. I certainly take my hat off to all the volunteers within the RNLI, they do an absolutely marvellous job braving the elements and in many instances putting their own lives at risk. Bravo♥ It's no wonder that you are very proud of your Dad. Linda xoxo

Jen said...

Aw sweetie, this is lovely! And what wonderful weather you had. I'm sure I'd have shed more than a few tears. I'm always amazed by the RNLI and it's a crime that services like this are not funded by our taxes :(

Anonymous said...

If it wasnt for the RNLI, I wouldnt be here-they rescued my parents when they were young,courting teenagers when they got into difficulties off Newbiggin Bay in the 195' these days of telecommunications,when its all too easy to call for help,they mustve had a fantastic system in place back then...all my change goes into the collecting tins-a charity(so unfair there's no funding) close to my heart..
your dad is a brave,brave man...he can have half of the love I usually send to the Curlygirl xx

lulubelle x