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7 Apr 2010

She wears his coat

This little imp came on a photoshoot with me on Sunday, in fact Mark did too. Some of our dearest friends wanted a family portrait in the dingle-dangle-dell (I call it this but I don't know its true location name). Ellie and I didn't pack a coat as when we left Wigan, it was quite warm.
Not long after we vacated the car did Ellie start to feel the nip of the Staffordshire air so Mark did the chivalrous thing and offered her his coat.
I think she looks super duper.

She and I enjoyed our first visit to a fford. Ive really never seen one before and some drivers too great delight in zooming through it faster than the country lanes legally allow; obv trying to splash people on the little walkway and great hoyking photographers taking up the road, like me!

And once back in the car, I couldn't help having a little one to one with her and take a picture of that little sweet spot on her neck especially that curl and that slenderness that is so delightful.

Scary, evil "stop taking pictures of me" glares. Whoa, I sensed teenage angst here!

So back to today.
Ellie and I had the dentist - yuck. We look after our teeth to ensure that no extra curricular activity is needed in our gobs. Ellie needs a tooth removing to make way for one of her fangs which is speeding into position. I need two replacement fillings. GREAT. Doesn't my dentist know that I have a dental phobia?? This means I will have to be sedated again just to get over the FREAKING sound of the nasty drill and the glare of the butcherous, hairy nostrilled Sweeny Todd of a dentist. Im frightened to death of them but today I braved a scale and polish without so much as thinking of punching him in the face from fright. I did leave the chair in a pool of sweat though and the hair on the back of neck, stuck like glue.

Afterwards, Belle and I drove to my Mommas. Im so happy to be here even though I have to work for the duration. Mark and the boy have stayed at home as he has a lot of marking to do (he is a public service lecturer at a nearby college which means a lot of home prep and marking). Anyway, my main priority for being here is that my Dad is part of the new RNLI inshore boat naming ceremony this weekend and I am the official photographer. Well, the honour is mine because my Dad is such a proud man who is so involved with all aspects of the sea (he is Ex Navy and ex coastguard - it was inevitable he would see his pension years working for the RNLI) so I love the fact he offered my services to the ceremony - I cannot wait to get pictures of such a prestigious event.

Tomorrow night I have a lovely layout to share that I have made for the Banana Frog DT which brings me on to announce that I have just been chosen to be on the Midnight Rooster scrapbook kit. Its just being launched in May and I am in great company. I get so excited about new adventures and new scrapbooking journeys; the lord knows how much I need to get back into scrapbooking as its been lacking in the last 4 months :(

And finally, if that wasn't enough of a great bit of news but also I was invited to work as a product designer for a UK craft supplies company today. Its in its infancy but the invitation was there all the same. As it all unfolds I will share the news here but for now, I shall sleep happy with the fulfilment of enjoying such a very happy day.


Anonymous said...

Awwww! She looks wonderful! Good on the man!:-D Sounds like an exciting few days - well, except for the dreaded dentist of course - hope all goes well with the photography today. HeJude!x

hello gorgeous said...

Hey gorgeous! fab photos, love the glaring one of can read SO much in her eye! ;o)

Ditto with the dentist...same conclusion too...turned out fine...even with my fear of the outside! Think of all the nice things you've may help!

Congrats on all the fabulous things you have coming up/lined up....all sounds good! can't wait for updates and the pics of the ceremony this week....enjoy!


hello gorgeous xxx

Angela W said...

Congrats Kirsty! That is awesome! Love the wonderful pics of Ellie! Just so you know, I also have that dental phobia and need replacement fillings. Ugh! Good luck!

Bettyann said...

I'm exhausted just reading your girl you are going to be busy..good on you..Ellie is giving you the traditional teenage glare LOL...have fun with your Dad..

Joy said...

I am not the only one who has to pull her fingernails out of the dentists chair after a polish then!
Kirsty what an exciting few months you are going to have. I look forward to seeing some more of your scrapbooking.

Jackie said...

Cant wait to see more of your fab scrapbook LO's.

Galaxy Girl - my Stamp Galaxy Blog... said...

OMG, I can't believe how grown up and she looks, and even more adorable.