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4 Apr 2010

She is beautiful inside

Ellie and I were on our way to see Nanny Mcphee 2. If you haven't seen it - please do and take lots of tissues to wipe up your snot and tears. I was breaking my heart. Loved it. To understand why I snotted everywhere, you really have to have seen the first. Ooooh, Im welling thinking about it.


On our way there, Ellie was in the passenger seat just admiring the view. She commented on a large open playing field and said "Isn't it nice that kids have somewhere to run around and play?". I was not sure what she meant so I quizzed further, thinking the worst.
Me: "Darl, do you want to run around on that field (knowing full well she can't but I was worried in case it was a big secret wish of hers)"
Ells: "Good grief no. I just wish I could have it all to myself so I could sprawl out on the grass and cloud watch"

You see, my lovely little lady is so much more accepting about her problems than I am and she reminds me, all the time, to stop being such a nincompoop and also stop flaming well being a worry wart.

Hope you are having a fabulous bank holiday weekend xx


becky said...

brilliant girl (young lady!) you have there! she WILL go far!! that's what happens when you have fabulous parents.

Pat said...

Good for Ellie, don't kids have a great way of telling it as it is? A lesson for us all there x

Sue said...

:D they do that dont they? ..I spent years comparing Natalie to me..what I was able to do at her age..goodness i had a child and was married by now BUT she is a compleatly different person with different veiws and goals ..and again we just have to let go......
Ellie ( and Nats) is happy and loved ..theres nothing more needed xxxx

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Oh that is so sweet, bless her for saying that - you must be such a proud mum!


Bettyann said...

Kids always teach us the best, Love the first movie..will bring lots of tissue to the second..

Terrie B x said...

Aw How `sweet` :)
`hapy Easter` lotsa loves:)xxx

Max said...

"From the mouths of babes ..." and all that.
Love the clean new look since my last visit. It has taken me most of tonight to catch up with all your posts - I no longer get updates when you make a new post even tho' I have been a follower for ages. I thought it might be something wrong with my follower thingy so I deleted myself and then rejoined but no joy - have you any ideas how this happened and how I can fix it?
If not no worries - will just have to live with it.


Anonymous said...

love you,Northern Chick,Nincompoop,worrywart....whatever....roflmao
big ol' fat juicy love to the Curlygirl
Lulubelle x