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6 Apr 2010

On air dates

Im really maxed out with a tight deadline for the launch of my 3rd CD which airs on 2nd May, Create and Craft. Im quite excited about this one as Im working in tandem with Promarker pens. Being a Copic girl for a small while, Ive come to realise that Promarkers have over 70% more ink in them which makes them better value for money - and with the UK in colouring heaven, we all want a pen that goes the extra mile. I spoke with Letrasets marketing director, Simon, today who gave me the low down on Promarkers make up and I was really surprised to learn that these pens are made in the UK. Im all for that. I remember when I was a girl that I used to play with Letraset transfers (we call them "rub on's" in the craft industry) and Id transfer my name or words or random letters on everything I could get away with. I hope they expand on their rub on range as Im becoming more of a fan these days after mastering the Basic Grey rub on roller pen - prior to that I used to scream with that wretched lolly stick!

So keep your cardmaking eyes peeled for 2nd May airing and also another live airing of my current CD, Colourburst of Fanciful Things, on the 14th of April at.....bluergh, 9am!

I shall be back soon - I just need to make an appointment with myself for some free and fun time!

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greyparrot said...

oooh I am glad I am a promarker girl now! Bargain lol!