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13 Apr 2010

No hot dog buns

So whadaya do?
You grab two slices of bread, de-crust them and roll up your dogs and scoff.

This is how Ellie likes her dogs. Its how I like them but without the carbs right now!

I can't blog much today as I have to go to bed early (meh!) as Im up at 4am to make my way down to Peterborough for a 9am airing on Create and Craft tomorrow (or Ideal World - I never know which channel they are going to bung me on!). I shall be holding my eyes open with sellotape but having fun with Nigel all the same!


Anonymous said...

is it just me...or are those hotdogs suspiciously self-tanned-finger-like?
love to the Curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Bettyann said...

good could use pink duct canucks love the stuff...can u get a video posted to your blog of your debut on tv????...pleease..please...thanks

Jo said...

Good luck for tomorrow my lovely!!

Hopefully I'll see you there. I'm on at 11am, so you'll be coming out as I'll be going in.. lol

Sue said...

Hope you have a fab time.

Dawniedo said...

Am watching you right now on Create and Craft!!!! You mentioned your website so i logged on...(loving your hot dog sandwich)
Such inspiration...we are very like minded. I too love to give cards as gifts...with extra pressies on them or incorporated into the designs. Well Done You. You mentioned Photoshop to Nigel (isnt he lovely??). I found that it took over my crafting and scrapbooking and i became a digital girl...i think this was because i became bored of the papers available...BUT no more. THANK YOU KIRSTY xx

Fiona said...

Just watched you on C & C, great CD and samples. Hope to see more of you on the box.

Jude said...

OMG! I was looking for CBeebies on my bedroom TV this morning to keep the little un's amused while I got dressed and I stopped on Craft and Create and saw that it was Kirsty Wiseman and thought "Oh, that's the same name as Dyan's friend" - but it was ACTUALLY you?!? Sorry, quite exciting for a Wednesday morning...Love your blog. xx

shirley said...

Lol, I've just sat down to eat my lunch and do a bit of blog hopping and had to laugh as my lunch is sausages wrapped in bread just like Ellie likes em. Loving the blog.