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10 Apr 2010

My Lovely girl

Oh she really does fill me up with these crazy feelings. Its hard to describe without it sounding sinister but sometimes, when she comes to me for a cuddle, I just want to squish her really tight because I feel I want to consume every ounce of that hug from right within her soul. I say to her "you are just soooooo gorgeous" in such a way that I feel I might explode from it and she is within an inch of being seriously squished to a pulp. But I refrain. Because she is stick thin and squishing her would not be a pleasant experience!

My post is merely based on a joke she told me whilst I went to pay for fuel the other night at the garage. She said to me "Mum, why did the fish cross the Islands?"
and I was like "Huh, what you talking about?".
Then she said "To get to the other tide".
I just wasn't expecting a joke from Ellie, she just doesn't come out with that sort of thing.
But I laughed so hard that snot came down my nose.

We are just silly lil things, I can't help but tell the world how scrumpsh she is.


Bettyann said...

oh how lovely...gentle ((((hugs))) to you...have a fab week-end...

Anonymous said...

Adorable. HeyJude! xx

Paul B said...

You are one unapologetically soppy Mum haha xx BTW I was blog hopping today & on the Write Click Scrapbook blog they had a link to this cake and I thought Kirsty would Lurve this :)


Katty Bell said...

Beautiful tale of a precious moment :)
You have such a way of telling 'em... always brings a smile to my face :D

Lynz said...

Aw, dude!! Don't you just want to unzip yourself sometimes and stuff them inside? Or is that just me? *grins*

Sue said...

So adorable.

Debo said...

Exactly Lynz! One mum I knew wanted to take her family to a remote island and keep them away from everything that could hurt them. Sometimes they make you hurt so much. My daughter is going through a rough time at the moment and not letting us in - i can't even give her a hug (she feels too 'fragile' and I think she feels that if she starts crying she's not going to be able to stop.) I keep crying myself to sleep. It's horrible to see her suffering and not be allowed to even try to help. I just want to hold her in my arms and fold her away in them, away from all the hurt but I can't.

Enjoy your hugs xx

Linda said...

Oh what a wonderful post, straight from your heart♥♥ Makes one feel all warm and fuzzy:)