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26 Apr 2010

Mlam - Krispy Kremes

I met up with a girl who booked me for a shoot before crimbo - Marie and she most gorgeously brought her little boy, Connor, with her. I brought the curly girl but Elli's eyes were on the prize - the Kreme-inator. My nearest KK is at the Trafford Centre and it's a drive-thru that also has a production line in store for all to see. But the machine was not working at full capacity so sadly my curly girl was not able to see it in full flow. That has been reserved for next Sunday afternoon where we shall have to pay another visit (bummer!). She likes the Krullers, Mark loves the apple and cinnamon (gag, I hate cinnamon) and my favvo is the lemon glaze - hip wideningly amazing.

Marie has kindly made a couple of cards for the show on Saturday and seeing them, live and used, was such a thrill. I'm so happy to be getting the samples for the show that come from all walks of crafters to show off the Cd to its full potential. Of course I had my camera handy to take a few pics of Connor - just look at how much he has grown!

November 2009

April 2010The light was shocking yesterday as it rained (for a change - seriously... all this sunshine has been weird but wonderful) so I couldn't take many picture that didn't involve a: blur, b: camera shake and c: drool. Connor is the king of drool! He was so cuddley kissy, poor Marie barely knows me and I was swiping him out of her arms for a squidge!

Of course, it would have been rude not to go an traipse around the trafford centre afterwards where Belle spent her pocket money on odds and sods and however she wanted. I have to be honest and say it was just such a treat to get out of the house from being confined to the Mac for the past few piggin days, tying up everything for the show on Saturday.

Thanks Marie and Connor for accompanying us on such a grand Sunday afternoon :)

And here are a few makes just returned from a few commissions with Creative Cardmaking. Id forgotten that I had done these; they were done ages and ages ago.

Toodle oooooo xx


Bettyann said...

oh how they grow..oh in canada we have Tim Horton donuts, when i drive by them they seem to be on every corner, i have to go lalalalala as the boston cream calls my the third card especially...simple and sweet...have fun..take care..raining here also..

Maz said...

God, I've got good genes! Let's hope he never realises how cute he is! We had a lovely afternoon and it was a pleasure to eat doughnuts and mooch around the T centre with you both!
M x

Sue said...

What a cute little boy Connor is. Think the girls will be the ones drooling when he's older:)

Evonne said...

Yikes, Google reader had stopped sending me your feed, and today I saw 36 new posts! Got my coffee and I'm browsing your cards, they are so vibrant!
Great pics too. Right I'm off to catch up on all those missing posts.

Caroline and Jayne said...

love your work xxx and how cute are those photos xx

Lisa Hemmings said...

Beautiful Cards, Beautiful photo's.
Thank you for sharing with us
Lisa xx