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1 Apr 2010

Italy - part 1

These photos are in no particular order - I thought the randomness would send you in an Italian tiz. I think they cover day 1, 2 and 3.....and there are more to come.

I am in Love with Italy. Ive been before and loved that too (Florence, June 2006 - with Sarah xx). This area looks no different in some part and yet spectacular in other. Its so oldy worldy, antiquey and arty. I could live there. Really, I could.

This picture was taken at night in Sorrento, wall art in a little courtyard

Jane and I had just drunk a whole bottle of Spumante here. Oh we did laugh. I hurt so much when I laugh with my lovely friend Jane.

This is a small portion of Positano - its the most gorgeous little nook Ive ever seen hidden round a bend and down a hill!

This is Positano from the beach - its beautiful

Looking up again!

Beach huts at Positano

Garlic Mussels - my idea of perfection

Water - its what I drank 90% of the time. I get so swollen from flying that its the only thing I can rely on for keeping the water retention at bay.

Do not ask me how many friggin steps we walked down to get to the bottom at Positano. I had blisters, my flip flip broke and me knees gave way! Here is Jane and Stu - laughing at me!

If I saw another step after every bend, I screamed

The flowers cheered me up though!

Beautiful and tiny chapels littered the hillside

Steps - beautifully framed but still - steps, aaaaaaaaargh!

Isn't this place beautiful?

Like, really beautiful?

Steps going up - now that was novel! I loved this little perspective

This reminded me of my husband - a lot!

Fresh produce in Sorrento - lemons and oranges everywhere! And you see the back left - HUGE lemons. Im talking bigger than my head!

Lovely and pretty sandals in Positano

Pasta, oh lots of divine shaped pasta

Back streets filled with interest

Lovely little verandas

Sweet and snug little eateries

Jane and I in a secret garden. An australian man offered to take this picture - didn't he do well?

I loved this courtyard in Sorrento

Jane and Stu in Sorrento - I had to take this picture, that tree was magnificent.

Would I live there? No way, hosay. The dog would leap over the edge chasing some crazy little scamp

Freshly made donuts, at Simonas house - yum!

Simona made me a lovely pasta lunch. I was in heaven

Jane and I, misbehaving

Seriously, I don't think we have a decent photo together where one of us isn't pratting around

Gelata with Claudia and Lory

Celine joins us here. Let me tell you, Celine Navarro is hilarious. Im going to be teaching with her in Denmark in November. I love her, she is just as funny as Jane.

Myself, Jane and Wendy Senger. I love Wends. She is the glimmer and glitz of the industry. Hilarious and fun and crafty - my kind of friend

She cracks me up - I love her

Pizza!!!! The night Jane got her Pepper Only pizza

A lovely Danish girl taking one of my classes

You know, the organisers went to great length pretty-fying up the whole event. I loved that!

Outside the hotel, on the veranda.... heaven

Another little nook of the hotel

Decorations in abundance

The lobby - all bright and airy

And that is it for now - more tomorrow with projects.
Wow - so many pics. I hope you didn't nod off ;)


Bettyann said...

Thanks for the wonderful what a fab lovely area of Italy..

Patricia8 said...

love seeing the photos - can never be too many ...

Simona Gargiulo said...

How beautiful photos and wonderful words...i love you darlingggggggg!!!;-)

Anonymous said...

bought back memories, i went to sorretto in 2000, and those lemon smell delish don't they? did you go on a boat trip to capri ? caroline gill xxx

hello gorgeous said...

oh, this is FABULOUS.....haven't been on holiday in 17 years!!!! Wish I was! It looks amazing, so pretty and quaint -apart from the steps, that would do MY nut in too! Best find accommodation at the bottom! lol!

So MANY photos I had forgotten the ones I truly loved by the end! SO I love 'em ALLLLL....can't wait for Part II


hello gorgeous xxx

Debo said...

How beautiful!!!!

And so much fun (and food!!)

I don't think I would have come home - I would have sent for my family to come out and join me!

Can't wait for the next instalment. (I'm off to Lake Garda in May with hubby. Isn't Italy wonderful - looks good and makes lovely food and wine - everything a girl looks for in a man!)

Taniwha said...

Dude, what's the link for the retreat? I want to go next year! Looks friggen awesome :)

Darcy said...

so,so pretty peekatures! x

Majer said...

Weeeh... That's me in one of your pics!! :-)
I have just finished my the project from your class today. If you want to see it, you can visit my blog at

Happy easter to you and your family.

/Majer in Denmark

Jo said...

Brilliant photos, love them!!

Heidi Jensen said...

wow beautiful photos..
looking forward to see you in DK. It's October and not November.

cannycrafter said...

Wow! I just remebered all those places from Sorrento when we were there two years ago! Thanks for reminding me! So wishing I could have taken that course!

Sue said...

Fabby photos.